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Happy to report that I finished my first race of 2013 this morning!  I ran the St. Patrick's Day 5k here in West Chester. I definitely wasn't out to beat any records today as 8 am was feeling pretty early as I got ready to go and I almost didn't make it. But I got motivated since my friend Jo-Lynne was headed down too and I had a nice run in the … [Read more...]

This is me this morning. FREAKING MY YOU-KNOW-WHAT out because I got the email that I have officially gotten into the lottery to Broad Street Run (10 miles, Center City in Phila.  The run everyone does if you live in Philly and call yourself a runner.) Oh and yes, you read that right - you have to apply to a lottery to be ACCEPTED to go and run … [Read more...]

I've been a little down about my running life lately.  Right before Christmas, I got the dreaded flu that's going all around right now.  It evolved to bronchitis (which I had never had in my life before) and me needing an inhaler just to go up and down my stairs for a few days. For someone who *was* either running or at the gym 5 days a week, … [Read more...]

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a conversation going on over on Twitter with a bunch of Fitfluential Ambassadors. They were challenging themselves and the online community to run 13 in 2013. At first, I thought it meant running a half marathon but when I clicked over, I loved the challenge even more when I realized that wasn't it - it's 13 … [Read more...]