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I have to tell you, I think ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) gets me. Just like me, they're not too into commercialism and way more into products that make a child do, think and learn. Which, as anyone who has been reading my reviews the past 5(!) years knows is completely my style of toys. This year, ASTRA created a Best … [Read more...]

I've made a decision: there's no longer a need to buy full-sized board games who's boxes will collapse and pieces will be lost, not if minimus has the game in travel size. We brought Milton Bradley's Candyland and Ohio Art's MagnaDoodle on our vacation. Both were perfect for storing in Wesley's miniature backpack and playing on the plane, at the … [Read more...]

Hey all you moms of boy and tomboys too - it's time again for the super duper Friends and Family sale at My Little Ducks! Enter coupon code febfriend08 now through the 15th and you can take 25% off your order. Shop from a huge selection of clothes, shoes, toys and accessories for boys ages 0-12 and designer diaper bags for moms & dads. Brands … [Read more...]

Ahhh... the end of another year. A time for champagne, chick peas, football, countdowns and an endless number of top 10s. Saying sayonara to '07, a look at my top 10 reviews in, of course, no particular order: Suzanne Myers Jewelry Of the 350 days since receiving this necklace, I'd be surprised if I didn't wear it 340 days. This gorgeous piece has … [Read more...]

With all the cool toys we get to review, it shocked me that I felt stumped on gifts for my boys. So I was so happy to find Plaja Pets--a very cute new product this season. Plaja Pets are these adorable little collectable friends for kids. With round bellies and heads, they look loveable and squeezable. But aren't all stuffed animals? So here's … [Read more...]

So, you might already be aware of the MWS obsession, Automoblox. For any of you unaware, this is a big time favorite toy. Every little Alex, Cameron and Sam needs 2. That's right... 2. Because Automoblox aren't just push cars, they're interchangeable puzzle cars. Unclear? Check out my previous review of this hot holiday toy here. This year, … [Read more...]

25% off the entire store, use coupon code FFF07 at checkout from Friday, August 17 - Monday, August 20. Automoblox, Skip Sop, Stork Sak, Lexie Barnes, Pediped, Charlie Rocket and tons more... … [Read more...]

If there is one thing I love about this time of year it is all the Top Ten Lists. I'm a sucker for lists any time of the year but even more so as the clock is ticking the minutes down to the New Year. I'd like to share with you some of my favorite products that were reviewed in 2006. Some were from my own reviews, some from others. All are things I … [Read more...]

This was a tough assignment. MWS writers are pretty fortunate. We get to review products we love, and readers can usually tell just how much we love them. So when I was asked to list my top ten reviews for 2006, I stuttered. I paused. I procrastinated. My top 10?! How can I do that? That's like asking me which is my favorite movie of all time. Or … [Read more...]

Several weeks ago, a friend tipped me off on a great gift for my son's birthday. I promptly ordered, and when they arrived shoved them into a closet -- hiding them from everyone (myself included.) So, when he opened his gifts, we were so excited to try out Carson's Automoblox. This is one cool toy. There are no loud noises, no flashing lights. And … [Read more...]