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For years now, my staple newborn gift present has been from Baby Sophia Gifts.  You can see that I've reviewed them before.  The owner happens to be a good friend of mine but that's certainly not why I review her products - I review them because simply her products are fabulous newborn baby gifts. She embroiders bibs and burp clothes with … [Read more...]

I've blogged in the past about Baby Sophia Gifts, but it's been awhile and I thought it was due an update. Baby Sophia Gifts offers embroidered and personalized infant products, her trademark being the bibs and burp cloths. They're just gorgeous - thick, durable quality products with beautiful patterns to pick from. I've given the pair (one bib, … [Read more...]

What do you give to the Mom who has everything for their newborn baby? This is a question I get asked a lot here on Mommies with Style. That and, what do they REALLY need? I have the answer for you guys!  Bibs and burp cloths from make the perfect new baby gift for just about anyone. My good friend Jennifer started this … [Read more...]

There's a whole list of items we all know a new Mom will need once her baby arrives. Diapers, strollers, infant carriers, wipes, bottles, bibs and so much more. It's both exciting and overwhelming when you're a first time Mom starting from the beginning. A baby registry is a great place to start for both the Mom to be. When I was pregnant with … [Read more...]

Time is a funny thing. It plays with your sense of perception: an hour is an hour, but the minutes can drag or speed by depending on what you are doing. I bring all of this up because it's now been three months since I had Cole. And while on one hand, the time has flown by -- I remember sitting in the hospital holding him as if it were literally … [Read more...]