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If you've spent some time on MWS, then you already know we're big fans of Mama Mio. And while its a struggle to determine my absolute favorite of their creams, lotions and gels, the Boob Tube is among them.  Especially now that I'm breastfeeding, but also when pregnant, I slather on the 'Tube often to smooth and soften. (Okay, that was so not … [Read more...]

They say that certain things head south for new moms. One minute you're pointing due north and the next, your headlights are aimed somewhere in the vicinity of Tierra Del Fuego. Which is why Mama Mio came out with the Boob Tube. Pure hope in a bottle, this lotion delivers what it promises, perkier parts. Applied daily, it really does what it was … [Read more...]

I heard and read lots about how painful nursing could be, but until I experienced it myself I had NO idea.  The first few days were a breeze and I really thought that I was the exception.  I was sorely mistaken (no pun intended).  It took a full 8 weeks to stop wincing each time Gianna latched on.  With a lot of reassurance from friends and my … [Read more...]

One of our favorite pregnancy style experts, Amy Tara Koch, just teamed up with Mama Mio to create a pampering kit which includes her wildly popular book, Bump It Up.  The Mama Mio Bump It Up Pregnancy Style Kit. The Kit retails for $60 (an $83 value) and includes: Tummy Rub Butter (for award-winning stretch mark protection) Boob Tube … [Read more...]

Congrats to Tracy from Massachusettes and Heidi from Georgia! Both will be receiving Boob Tubes from Mama Mio. Boob Tubes are great for softening the skin on and around your breasts, chest and even arms. After a few weeks, even days, of consistent use, you'll notice your skin doesn't just feel smoother, it looks smoother. I've shared a lot about … [Read more...]

No, really. I'm totally serious. You may recall that I reviewed Mama Mio in the past. Last fall, I even tested 2 of their bootcamp programs and blogged about it. As you read, I was impressed. But, honestly, I didn't get the value of it. Until now. See, at 28 weeks pregnant, I can't get over the fact that I wasn't addicted to lush skin care with … [Read more...]