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Wow - this one's a bummer as we loved our Bumbo Seat.  But even more interesting, upon a search here on Mommies with Style and Bumbo Seat reviews, I see that Julie posted about a recall back in 2007 of Bumbos for the SAME reason.  Yikes. The Huffington Post reported today that Bumbo Seat has recalled more than 4 million Bumbo Seats due to … [Read more...]

This is a safety recall, the item is actually not being recalled, but it is recommened you call for a safety label that it should be used on the ground, with adult supervision, only. There have been several falls reported, including 3 skull fractures. For more information, click here. … [Read more...]

Time is a funny thing. It plays with your sense of perception: an hour is an hour, but the minutes can drag or speed by depending on what you are doing. I bring all of this up because it's now been three months since I had Cole. And while on one hand, the time has flown by -- I remember sitting in the hospital holding him as if it were literally … [Read more...]