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After 8-fun-filled days in Disney World, my family landed back home last night to a world of snow. While I promise to bring you some great travel-related product reviews in the coming weeks that pertain to my trip, I wanted blog about the second half of my trip to start. It was the catalyst to our even going to Disney World at all – the Disney … [Read more...]

Editor's Note: I wrote this last week and never had a chance to share it with you guys! See below for some goodies and a recap of our trip to Disney earlier this month. We're still recovering over here from our recent trip down to Disney for the Disney Social Media Moms conference. Walking around the parks and park hopping is no joke, ya 'all. I … [Read more...]

It's been a whirlwind 5 days and as you are reading this, we're making our way to the airport and headed home from Orlando. My family and I were down in Disney Worldfor the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. It's an invite-only conference for social media influencers and I was thrilled to receive an invitation again this year as it's always a … [Read more...]

It's been hard to concentrate the last few days knowing that we're headed down to the sunshine and magic of Disney this week! We're headed south today and we're all excited: we all very desperately need a vacation. A couple of years ago, hubby decided that a February trip somewhere south was NECESSARY for the better mental health of everyone in … [Read more...]

Mother's Day Weekend can't come soon enough in these parts -- we're headed as a family to Disney World for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference in Orlando! I'm honored to have been asked back and of course my boys are over the moon excited to get back down to all the magic and fun. I'm already doing the "can't concentrate on anything but … [Read more...]

We had many speakers on Day 2 of the Disney Social Media Moms conference but the one who stuck with me the most wasVivienne Harr, the 11-year-old founder of Make a Stand. Here's some backstory from her website: When Vivienne Harr was eight years old, she saw a photo of two boys, her age, from Nepal living in modern-day slavery. She said: … [Read more...]

We're hooooommmmee! I can't say that I'm thrilled to be home and back as reality isn't anywhere as near as being in Disney. The Disney Social Media Moms Conference is always such an amazing event. It's the only event I attend where I feel that my family is so totally welcome. There's one full day of conference sessions for attendees but Disney … [Read more...]

Today's post will deviate from my usual.  These thoughts are inspired by Donald Driver, who you may know as a former Wide Receiver for the Green Bay Packers. These were my first thought when I heard he was speaking: Fun!  Donald Driver!  I loved him on my Fantasy Football team when he played!  Yay Football! Yah Green Bay Packers! What I … [Read more...]

If you've been living under a rock, you may not know about Alex and Ani.  I feel like they are everywhere. But you will probably the bracelets if you haven't heard of them.  See the photo above - I added the Disneyland Alex & Ani bracelet to my already growing collection when I was in Disneyland last weekend. I just love the Alex & Ani … [Read more...]

Just a couple of fun photos that I wanted to share from Anaheim and our visit to Disneyland with the Disney Social Media Moms conference!  I'm writing today from the conference while Jon and the kids are off in the California Adventure Park doing their thing.  Clearly they're having a terrible time missing me - here they are on the Radiator … [Read more...]