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We are HUGE, HUGE fans of Hexbug in our house. My boys have been playing with and loving the Hexbug brand for years. This year, Hexbug debuted the Nano V2, Hexbugs that climb walls!  You can see the wall climbing action in this video I shot back in the fall on YouTube. About a month ago, I received a party box from HEXBUG.  It included a bunch … [Read more...]

Over the years, I've reviewed a lot of HEXBUG products but this latest one may be the coolest release yet from them. The Hexbug Nano V2 can climb walls. Literally. They are the same size as the original Nano but now grip the walls and climb up and down. You can get Hexbug Nano V2 Sets on Amazon and you'll see that they come with these cool … [Read more...]

Once a boy, always a boy. All us Moms know that our hubby's are just kids dressed up in an adult body, right? Which is why you know he'd love a chance to play with this new toy from HEXBUG - the HEXBUG Spider XL ($39.99) It's 65% larger than the original HEXBUG spider and has a two-channel remote so if you have two kids and want to get two, you … [Read more...]

The latest release (this month) from HEXBUG are HEXBUG Warriors. My boys are crazy about HEXBUG Nanos as you can see from my post early last year. They've spent many hours battling their HEXBUG nanos. So of course they were totally over the moon to check out the latest product, HEXBUG Warriors. Here's a few photos and you can watch the video … [Read more...]

Available via a limited release for Easter only are these adorable HEXBUG Nano Easter Eggs.  They come in an egg and hvae the addition of bunny ears on the HEXBUG Nano. Fatbrain Toys currently has the Eggs with Bunny HEXBUG on sale for $6.95.  A great price considering it's usually around $10 for one. Rumor has it, these HEXBUG bunnies will … [Read more...]

Earlier this winter, I posted how my boys are crazy for HEXBUGs. So of course the latest release from HEXBUG - glow in the dark HEXBUGs, did not go unnoticed in our house. These are neat.  We have quite the HEXBUG habitat set up in our house (as you can see from the photo in my previous post.  It has changed shape since then but is just as … [Read more...]

As typical for January in Philadelphia, the weather's been pretty nasty.  (See my Ice Storm Photos post on Mommy with Style from earlier today!)  Besides the storms we've been having, it's just been that painfully cold kind of weather where you don't really feel like leaving the house. Combine that with Martin Luther King Day and one day of … [Read more...]

My baby turned 10 today.  Hard to believe!  It truly feels like just yesterday that I held him on his first day of life at the hospital. It's been a great day for him because we got some snow here in Philly so the kids ended up with a Snow Day from school.  Cancelled school and hours of fun snow time on a kid's birthday?  It's like a dream … [Read more...]

So last weekend I was up in New York City for BlogHer, which you guys have heard me talk about over the years. It's an annual women's blogging conference but really it ends up being a chance for me to see all of my amazing blogging friends and to catch up with the brands and see what's new and what's going to be hot on the market for the upcoming … [Read more...]

One of the scariest things to me when my kids were toddlers was the idea that they would put something in their mouth and choke.  Admittedly, I was a nervous Mom about it.  But it was amazing to see what they would find on the floor and what was fascinating enough that they felt it warranted a taste. I'll never forget a scare I had a … [Read more...]