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Here's another great Black Friday deal - the iPad 2018 is $80 off on Amazon today, $249 for the 32MB today. Looks like a lot of people are taking advantage because it's not shipping for a few days but will still come in time for Christmas! … [Read more...]

As usual, it's the summer of road tripping in our house. If you can't find us home and the kids going to camp, we're hitting the road and headed to the beach or some other fun-filled weekend. My son Nate's iPad Mini broke earlier in the summer and we upgraded him to an Air. He's on that pretty regularly and my other son Cole uses his iPad Mini. … [Read more...]

So for those of you on Instagram, check out this amazing giveaway I'm doing with several other bloggers. It ends TONIGHT at 8 pm ET so I wanted to get a quick post in to tell you to go like my picture, follow me (if you aren't already) and then follow the loop to like and follow everyone else. Look how awesome this prize is! Click the graphic to … [Read more...]

Tiggly Shapes are awesome! My three year daughter Fiona absolutely loves playing with my "hi-pad" so when we received toys that are interactive with her favorite gadget, she was pretty excited. The set came with a felt storage bag containing four shapes - circle, square, triangle and star as well as three free apps to download. Anyone can … [Read more...]

  If you're in the market for an iPad, this is a pretty great deal!  The 32GB iPad 4 with Retina Display is on sale via Groupon for $539.99 (normally $729.99, 26% off) - while supplies last!   … [Read more...]

I've been waiting to find a good deal on those for my kids- $50 off! Black's out of stock so I went with silver - grab 'em while you can.  I  just got two! Apple iPad Mini 16GB Silver, $249.99 (hot sale!) at … [Read more...]

A fun one I've been testing out lately is this Google Nexus 7 from Staples ($229.00 with free shipping). It's a smaller tablet - the display is a 7" but I actually kinda dig the small size of it.  Don't get me wrong, I do love my iPad but I've come to appreciate having the Google Nexus too BECAUSE of the size.  Not only is it smaller but it's … [Read more...]

We picked up an iPad this last Christmas for our family and my first concern was keeping it safe while in the kids' hands. I looked at a number of cases geared for kids, and while many of them looked like they would indeed keep the iPad safe, they didn't always look like a case I'd want to be seen with. Neon colors. Huge foam padding. They loudly … [Read more...]

If you own an iPad and have a child between the ages of 2-6, I feel like this is a must-have! I seriously think this is an awesome product and wish it had come out when my kids were younger. This is iLearn 'N Play iPad Tablet from AppStart Learning.  It snaps around your iPad and keeps it secure (awesome point #1 - iPad protection from unsteady … [Read more...]

For the first time ever this month, I ordered something off Groupon. Not a restaurant or some sort of coupon deal but an actual product. It was this Aduro Liqua Sheild iPad Keyboard Case and I paid what it's listed for on Amazon. (It retails for $59.99 but Amazon has it listed for $29.99. Should have known Amazon would have it at a great … [Read more...]