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Monday’s Mommy with Style: Amy from Teach Mama & Leticia from Tech Savvy Mama


I had every intention of singling people out over course of the past weekend and snapping photos of them right and left.  I was down in New Orleans for mom blog conference Mom 2.0 Summit - what a great opportunity to snag pictures and time with 450 amazing women!  But of course the entire weekend was a whirlwind and I completely forgot I wanted … [Read more...]

Enter to win an HP digital camera on Mommies with Style


Hey Moms - HP has graciously donated a digital camera for our latest giveaway. About the camera:  HP CW 450t Digital Camera Digital Fun The HP CW 450t is an easy-to-use point and shoot digital camera. Coming in Red, Plum and Turquoise, these compact cameras feature 12.0 megapixels with 4X optical zoom and a touchscreen interface. Perfect for … [Read more...]

Quick parenting advice: Moms’ Lifesavers

People always ask me what a good gift is for a baby shower. And most of the time, I answer that in my own opinion, I think there are two good options. You can shop off a baby registry -- it's safe and it's always appreciated as it's obviously something they picked out themselves. But Moms who have been around the block often want to give something … [Read more...]

Hugging my Bloggy Friends for #HugABlogger Day


When I started blogging, there weren't really many other bloggers out there.  And I was stuck at home with an infant, feeling isolated and removed from a society that I once held a respectable job in, one where people listened to what I had to say.  I had no idea that when I began, I was venturing into a whole new land and what was soon to become … [Read more...]

Volunteer Spot: Supporting My School My Way #myschoolmyway


If you count preschool, I'm on my sixth year of school with my oldest and third year with my youngest.  I've always known how important it is to volunteer in my child's school.  It helps them to see your face there supporting their school and it helps you by allowing you to get to know the right people at school!  I've been a room parent twice, … [Read more...]

I’m Going to BlogHer! Clothes Shopping, Thank You American Express & More


For the past two years, I've attended the annual BlogHer conference.  Arguably the biggest blogging conference for women around, I've had a heck of a good time at previous conferences.  I first attended in 2009 when BlogHer was in Chicago. BlogHer '09 in Chicago Posts: BlogHer '09: The People, the Parties, Oh My! BlogHer'09 Shout Outs & … [Read more...]

Creating a Runner with New Balance Kids Sneakers


A box of New Balance Kids sneakers showed up on our doorstep the other day. They were in a size 1, the same size as my 7 year old son.  I can only assume the shoes came from Mom 2.0 Summit (thanks New Balance folks!) My son was so excited. It doesn't take much and apparently he was "really wanting a new pair of sneakers!"  He's also very … [Read more...]

Stylish & Professional Business Cards from Tiny Prints (with Coupon Codes)


A couple of weeks ago, I changed my Twitter name.  When I signed up three years ago, Twitter was just another random website and random offering - no one knowing how big it would really become.  I used the name "mommieswstyle" - note the "w" instead of the "with."  I couldn't fit with as they had a character limit.  I didn't realized the … [Read more...]

My Interview on the Microsoft Office Blog: On Working Virtually with Office (Video)


Three fun-filled days have ended and I'm home in a daze due to lack of sleep, over-eating of tasty beignets and several days of meeting and chatting with some amazing power women in New Orleans at the Mom 2.0 Summit. I'll be bringing some pictures and thoughts on the conference both here and on my personal blog, Mommy with Style, but in the … [Read more...]