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Designer Shoes at AMAZING Prices for Women’s Size 7 or Smaller

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Last week, I went shopping at RUUM for my boys.  I got them a bunch of cute clothes, including these ADORABLE sneakers that look at a lot like Vans but without the price tag. {Canvas Sneaker, $26 at RUUM}  My 10 year old is currently a size 5 kids.  Later in my house, I looked down at the shoes and thought, hey, those look like they would fit … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Nails #Pinspiration

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Time to get my Irish on!  Less than a week 'til St. Patrick's Day and I find myself pinning some cute nail polish ideas for St. Patrick's Day.  Here were a few that I found on Pinterest that I loved.  I haven't tried any yet but I'm Pin-spired and will be trying one soon.  Which do you like?: St. Patty's Day Nails from the Polished Nail So, So … [Read more...]

Let’s Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday! {March 3}

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Dr. Seuss's birthday is March 2nd and preschools and elementary schools around love to celebrate, as do we! In honor of what would have been the author's 110th birthday, here's some fun Dr. Seuss-related products for your young child: 99 Cent Dr. Seuss Digital Books: Oceanhouse Media is having their annual app sale in honor of Dr. Seuss's … [Read more...]

TOMS on Sale on

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Having seen several people post on Facebook about the TOMS sale on Zulily today, I couldn't resist taking a peek.  TOMS are up to 40% off retail and you get free shipping when you spend $65 or more on TOMS, a great deal! Some of my favs include this Ash Canvas Wedge (sale price: $44.99) Those Red University Wedge Sandals (sale price: … [Read more...]

Excuse Me While I Play in the Sun & Never Come Home #Florida #MarcoIsland

A margarita on Marco Island

Normally I'm pretty organized about what post I want to do on which day here on Mommies with Style.  But as I type this, it's Sunday afternoon and I'm looking out from our oceanfront hotel room at the Marriott on Marco Island in Florida and my mind is a big 'ol blank. It's been a brutal winter back home in Philly and I didn't realize just how … [Read more...]

Entertaining with CVS! Gold Emblem Goodies for Football Season & More

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Did you know that you can get food to entertain with at CVS?  I didn't until last fall and my friends this past weekend remarked that they didn't know you could either.  It's a best kept secret!  CVS has a food brand line called Gold Emblem and they make some great snack foods and options for your next party at your house.  Seriously! This past … [Read more...]

Keeping My Feet Warm During the #PolarVortex

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I've been wearing out my UGGs all week with this crazy cold that's hit Philadelphia.  But sadly one of UGGs has a big hole in the front of it from mass use!  With all the ins and outs of my house to school, kids activities and errands, I have to say that my feet have been toasty warm in my UGGs and not felt the cold at all.  And I have Raynaud's … [Read more...]

Stuff To Help You Start & Keep Your New Years Resolution ALL YEAR LONG #NewYears

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As I blog this one, I'm feeling bloated and cross from another dinner of turkey and mashed potatoes leftovers. While I've been working hard to keep up with exercise this week (which hasn't been easy), I have most definitely been eating and drinking more and look forward to the post holiday slow down so I can get back to my routine. For a few years … [Read more...]

#FashionFriday: Style is Everything with Burlington – $100 GC #Giveaway

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How important is your fashion and style to you?  I know I used to think style was a luxury - I wanted to be stylish, I wanted to dress in things I thought were trendy and fashionable but I didn't really think much about the importance of it. In fact, your style is more important than you think.  Style is Everything, according to a study by … [Read more...]

Holiday Gifts for a 10-year-old Boy: 2-Foot #Minecraft Creeper, Xbox Games & More

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My baby turned 10 today.  Hard to believe!  It truly feels like just yesterday that I held him on his first day of life at the hospital. It's been a great day for him because we got some snow here in Philly so the kids ended up with a Snow Day from school.  Cancelled school and hours of fun snow time on a kid's birthday?  It's like a dream come … [Read more...]