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Going back to college involves a lot of adjustment and the one thing I don't want to stress over is fashion. Back-to-school fashion requires a lot of thought, time, and money as everyone wants to show off their impressive summer tans and highlighted hair. But, usually after the first week, the work load picks up and the trendy outfits are left … [Read more...]

Last weekend, I had the chance to check out Remington's new Wrap to Waves Styler at Style School in New York City.  Love this new tool that makes it easy to turn your straight hair into a mane of fabulous curls. Designed to give you faster styling with the double barrel shape (you weave your hair in a figure eight style and can get a big lock … [Read more...]

Thanks to Mott's and last weekend's Style School, my boys have a renewed love of applesauce.  While they both loved applesauce as babies and toddlers, in recent years they have fancied themselves too cool for school and turned down applesauce repeatedly.  I know it's because they think it's for babies. Even this summer, when I got into eating … [Read more...]

One of the brands that I was just enamored with last weekend at Style School, a blogger event I helped to host in New York City, was Cameron Hughes wine. Let me preface this review by saying I'm the farthest thing from an experienced wine connoisseur. While I do enjoy a glass of wine pretty regularly, I'm a strict cheap Pinot Grigio kind of … [Read more...]

So I'm still reeling from my amazing event with Colleen from ClassyMommy.  Our back to school event, Style School, was a huge success!  I'm sure I will be bringing more photos and specific posts this week but I wanted to share some photos from the amazing day. Here I am with Colleen at the start of the event at our Style School with 77Kids … [Read more...]

By the time you are seeing this review, I'll be 24-hours away from a great Back to School event I'm hosting in Manhattan with Colleen from Classy Mommy and our media company, ForMomsMedia.  200+ Mom Bloggers will descend on New York to see the latest and greatest from some great brand names on products they are showcasing for back to school. … [Read more...]

One week from today, I'll be in the midst of set up for the back to school event of the season!  Together with Colleen Padilla from Classy Mommy, I will be hosting Style School - a back to school event with some top name brands you love. Our 12-1:30 pm ET slot is officially sold out!  We still have room for our second wave of bloggers from … [Read more...]

Do you not just love these new Crocs Boys' Hover Sneakers ($39.99), new for Back to School this fall from Crocs?  I do and I know I'm so excited to have Nate wear these in the fall with a pair of jeans or khakis.  They are both stylish and comfy and most importantly, they passed the kid-approved test:  "Yeah Mom.  These are cool, I'll wear … [Read more...]

I'm thrilled to be a part of a great event that I'm hosting with 4MomsMedia's Audrey McClellend, Colleen Padilla and myself. Style School with 77Kids is an event about fashion, style, beauty, and necessities for the everyday mom as she embarks on her Back-to-School shopping trips.  Dozens of amazing brands, including our sponsor 77Kids, will … [Read more...]

The following was written by guest reviewer Kate: If you’re looking for something to spruce up those back-to-school pieces you bought a few months back, check out the Fall/Winter line from Pinstripe Prep. Based on the concept that every kid deserves to be “primped without looking pretentious”, Pinstripe Prep’s line of toddler and … [Read more...]