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I am so excited for tonight's Twitter chat with Tide! Colleen @classymommy and I (@WhitneyMWS) will be chatting with @Tide and giving away several Tide Pod "fish bowls" (55 Tide Pods inside each one) and I'm telling you guys, these are awesome! The Tide Pods make it SO easy to get your laundry done - you just pop one of the little Pods into … [Read more...]

Hi all, I can't tell you how excited I am about this one! I've been using TidePods since I first posted about them the weekend of the Oscars back in February. TidePods are small, convenient and easy to use! Simply pop the pod into your washer and you're good to start your load. No more measuring out detergent or any messy spill … [Read more...]

Or even if you don't - tweet anyway! I'll be tweeting and watching live during the Project Runway finale tonight with @Tide and my good bloggy buddies Danielle (@DanielleSmithTV) and Vera (@VeraSweeney). There will be prizes involved. Of course. We'll be talking fashion (twist my arm), giving away prizes (woohoo) and having a great time talking … [Read more...]

This weekend during the Oscars telecast, Tide will premiere the launch of its newest innovation, Tide Pods. Tide Pods are a multi-dimensional laundry detergent that looks†different from any other liquid or unit dose detergent in the market today. This isnít your typical new & improved laundry detergent! Take note Shazam Users: The commercial … [Read more...]