A Unique Nursing Blanket by Peeky Boo Baby

Nearly 6 years ago when I was a new mom, Nursing Blankets and Covers were hardly heard of. We just threw a towel or blanket over our shoulders and hoped it would stay. (gosh… don’t I sound like an old lady?!)
This is another baby-product improvement that I’m very happy about. I love all the choices and great ideas there are when it comes to nursing covers. The covers by Peeky Boo Baby are a simple blanket, making them very easy to fold and place in a diaper bag, and useful for more than just hiding under the covers. Need a stroller blanket? Use it. Need a floor cover? Use it. Need a burp cloth? It may be a little big, but use it. Measuring 28″ x 28″, the covers are more than large enough to use for many baby-needs. You can even use it as a swaddling blanket!
But, how is this item that is so useful as a blanket going to actually stay on as a cover? What makes it any better than the towel or blanket I used 6 years ago? A handy little patent pending weight pocket, which holds a fabric-encased weight, keeps the blanket in place, free from floating away. And while I can’t say I’ve tested it with a nursing baby (yet… give me 20 more weeks), I have tried it out over my shoulder and it makes a lot of sense how this works.
For a limited time, all orders ship free. Mommies with Style will receive a FREE coordinating burp cloth with any nursing blanket purchase, using the code Mommies with Style in the gift certificate area on the PayPal page.


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