Hey friends! Thanks so much for visiting Mommies with Style and my About page.

Let’s start with the basics. áI’m Whitney (@WhitneyMWS). áI live out in the burbs of Philly. áI have two boys, a hubby, two noisy cats and a really disgusting fish tank my husband never cleans despite his enthusiastic promise the day we got it that he would regularly clean it! if I would just let him get one.

I launched Mommies with Style in 2004 when my oldest was a baby. áHere’s the two of us – first picture was the month I started Mommies with Style and the second picture was taken in April of 2013!


Get that girl a walking cane
I’m pushing a decade of blogging, which just totally blows my mind. áComparatively, if this blog were a person? áWe’d be wearing dentures and diapers and living in Florida playing shuffleboard. áLong time, peeps. áLong time.

But seriously, it’s been one amazing ride and I consider myself fortunate enough to have entered the space before it was deemed “a space.”

Spending money for 9 years – all in the name of “work”
For content, I’m gonna say the site grows with me. á It started with one young Mom who had a diaper bag obsession and a 10-month-old; these days I’m more into beauty, fashion and what’s my latest non-diaper bag. áBut I like to think I have a little something for every Mom here – I cover the gamut in terms of products for Moms.

I still have baby product reviews but there’s also toys for all ages of kids, fashion and beauty for Moms and plenty of giveaways which everyone loves! áI’ve had a bunch of writers at various times during this site’s life – today it’s me, Kate and theáoccasionaláguest writer here and there.

Shiny objects on my resume
Everyone and their mother has a blog these days but I’m lucky to say I got here on a pretty straight path. áPre-kids? áI was in what they called “new media.” á Web work. áWriting, editing, news & content production were my thing. áMy career hat has hung at ZDNet, CBS, NBC & a few other spots along the way.

Social Media Goodies
My social media resume includes this blog of course, but also working with dozens upon dozens of brands on various campaigns over the years. áI’ve been a Frigidaire Mom.

I’ve worked with Bertolli, Safety 1st, Tide & other Procter & Gamble products, HP, Disney, Nintendo, Graco, Lee Jeans, QVC and Hasbro – just to name a few. áI’ve been a columnist for AOL Shopping and Momtastic; I was on the launching panel for Disney’s Family.com.

Today I love writing here and regularly host Twitter parties. á(Find me there @WhitneyMWS).áI run Mom Mixer Events with my friend Colleen. áI also run a family travel site – FamilyTravelDiary.com.

Check out my Press Page for a list of various publications I’ve been quoted in and a peek at some fun celebs I’ve had the chance to meet over the years!

That time I almost hung up on Oprah
Speaking of celebs, funny story. áI was working the news desk at a local CBS station in Hartford. áI answered the station’s open news line and it was someone claiming to be Oprah. She was calling at the time for Gayle King, the current anchor at the CBS station I worked for. áI gave her a sassy, “haaaaang on” and put her on hold so I could tell a fellow co-worker that some nut-job was calling pretending to be Oprah. áOf course, turns out it really was Oprah and everyone except me apparently knew Oprah and Gayle were BFF.

I love news. áI love reporting. áI love talking & sharing information. áSo pretty much – there isn’t a greater gig for me than being home with my kids, yet making money running my own blog business that helps pay the bills. áLife is good.

Don’t be a stranger!
Give me a shout via my Contact form. á(I’d give you my email address here but then I’d get a bunch of gross spam from people wanting me to take Viagra and drink Kool-Aid and I’d miss your lovely email so fill out the form! áOr, ya know. You now know my first name and know this is mommieswithstyle.com so pretty much anyone who isn’t a spam bot can be savvy and email me directly.)

The dudes I work for in my #1 job (LEGOLAND Florida, 2013):



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