Adora Calcium: Eat Chocolate for my Health? Twist My Arm!

adora2 Did you know, if you are between the ages of 19-50 you are supposed to consume 1000 mg of calcium a day to help with bone health? Do you ingest that much? I truly have no idea but I know I don’t like milk and while I’m a bit cheese-obsessed, I highly doubt I’m getting 1000 mg worth of calcium out of the amount of cheese I consume on a daily basis.

Adora Calcium Supplement offers a totally appealing way to get your daily dose of calcium – through eating chocolate! Seriously, doesn’t that sound too good to be true? But it is! I’ve tested out the Adora chocolate disks and they are delish! It’s more like eating a chocolate than taking a vitamin.

They are made with all natural chocolate and come in two flavors: milk chocolate and dark chocolate. I’m partial to the dark chocolate myself but both flavors offer the same amount of calcium. (500 mg in one disk) You can see the full Adora Calcium Nutrition List here.

Other awesome facts: Adora® Calcium Supplement is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, trans fat free, gluten free.  Buy a bag on the Adora website.




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