Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Sesame Place’s Halloween Spooktactular!


Fall is such a fun time... hayrides, candy, being outside, enjoying the weather. Why not do all of those things, while at the same time enjoying rides, shows, and your favorite friends from Sesame Street? We had the opportunity to do just that at Sesame Place this month and enjoyed their Halloween Spooktacular event! If you have never been to … [Read more...]

Bubblebum: a portable, foldable booster seat for on the go!


We are a big family on the go. With three kids we have countless activities, playdates, carpooling, and all of that involves driving around in the car. Add to that trips to the shore during the summer and vacations during the year, and we are pretty much non-stop. I am lucky enough to drive a mini-van (yes, I am serious!) and typically have an … [Read more...]

Gorgeous personalized necklaces and more with 20% off Coupon Code


I love personalized jewelry featuring my children's names or initials. For years I have been wearing and enjoying my silver Tiny Tag Designs necklace, and recently I got to try their gorgeous new 14k gold design. Recently featured in Glamour's September issue under "hottest trends," Tiny Tags offers necklaces and bracelets customized with your … [Read more...]

Sleep on the go with Snoozeshade!


My daughter is almost 5-months old, and we are in a pretty good routine now. As she is the third child, she pretty much has to go with the flow around our house, which includes transporting her two big brothers around from school to soccer to parties and more. As she gets older, this seems to be getting harder and harder, as she prefers to nap in … [Read more...]

2 months old: Using and loving my Baby K’tan wrap!


About 4 years ago, when my son was a newborn, I had a multitude of different slings and wraps that I used to tote him around. I never really got comfortable with any of them, as they were often hard to figure out how to use, difficult to put on in a pinch, and didn't support my baby in a way that made me feel secure. So when I had my third … [Read more...]

6 weeks old: What did I do before without a video monitor?


My daughter is almost 6 weeks old, and since we brought her home from the hospital, we have been using, enjoying, and relying on the Slim&Secure Handheld color video monitor by Summer Infant. What did we do without this with our other two children?! I am fully convinced now that all parents should have a video monitor! With my first two … [Read more...]

Week 2 at home with my newborn: Using and loving the Nap Nanny


When I was about 5 months pregnant with my little girl, my family and I took a trip to Maryland to visit some friends who just had a baby. Upon meeting their new baby, I couldn't help but notice the very cool recliner that the baby was sleeping in. What was this neat contraption, I asked? I had never seen one of these before! When my boys were … [Read more...]

The best hair accessories for girls: No Slippy Hair Clippy!


When I first found out that I was having a little girl after having two sons, one of the things I was most excited about was dressing up my daughter in adorable outfits with matching hairbands and bows. I have heard my friends with daughters mention that they like No Slippy Hair Clippy hair accessories before, but I had never had any personal … [Read more...]

39 weeks: Getting ready for the big day with my dearjohnnies Hospital Gown


It's been a long 39 weeks. I am ready to meet my baby girl any day now! My bags are packed, and one of the things in that bag that I am very excited about is my new dearjohnnies hospital gown and robe. I was looking at pictures of myself from my last two births, and honestly, that big, gross, ugly hospital gown couldn't have made me look any … [Read more...]