Tasty Wine That Won’t Give You A Hangover: Mia Rosa

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Anyone who knows me, knows I love my wine. And being a lightweight, it doesn't take much for me to have a big old headache the next day. So I was intrigued to learn more when I recently learned aboutMia Rosa wines - a lower in alcohol wine. It's an Italian wine that has recently come to the states. They have a Moscato (white) and Dolce Rosso … [Read more...]

Stocking Up on My Fav Fridge Photo Magnets w This Buy One, Get One Half Off Deal!

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People comment on my Sticky9 photo magnets on our fridge all of the time. Sticky9 creates cute little square photos for you at a reasonable price! It's $15.99 for a sheet of 6 photos and they are adorable on the fridge. They used to only offer it off Instagram but I noticed in creating my magnets today that you can also connect to Facebook and … [Read more...]

Recipe: Cinnamon French Toast Bake

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  Cinnamon French Toast Bake You will need: 2 packages of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls 6 eggs 1 tbsp vanilla 1/4 cup milk or half n half 1/2 cup maple syrup Directions: Preheat oven to 350. Cut each cinnamon roll into 1/4 and place in a baking dish. (I used pie pan). In a large bowl whisk eggs, vanilla, and milk until well … [Read more...]

Happy New Year! Some Quickie Resolution Starting Points

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Happy New Year everyone! I took the last week or so off from blogging to just enjoy some family downtime and it's been blissful. We went down to North Carolina to visit my parents and ended up enjoying some unseasonably warm weather and spent several days on the beach! Heaven. Just enough sunshine to hopefully get me through the next couple of … [Read more...]

$30 off FitBit at Target with App


   If you've thinking of getting a FitBit now that New Years is approaching and along with it, your fitness resolution, check out this current deal from Target.  This ad caught my eye on Facebook today: install their redperks app and you'll receive an automatic coupon for $30 off a purchase of a FitBit in store. The app's just cool … [Read more...]

Recipe: Rudolph Chow – Perfect for Christmas!

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This is a very easy and addicting snack or little munchie to have out for friends and family on Christmas! It's called Rudolph Chow and you can use it to bring to a friend's house, serve at your house or put out on Christmas Eve and tell your kiddos it's actually a snack for Rudolph. (Be sure to eat your share!) Enjoy! Rudolph … [Read more...]

A First Time Experience with RentTheRunway.com


While I've known about RentTheRunway.com for years and often thought about trying out their service, I had never actually pulled the trigger until this month. I knew I had a swank Christmas party to attend and thought I would plan ahead and give it a shot. And that's the first thing I need to comment - you need to plan ahead. I placed my … [Read more...]

Eye Found It!: A Cute Game for Kiddos Who Like Hidden Picture Games

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My boys have always been into those books with hidden pictures or where you have to seek and find something on the page. And a couple of years ago, we had tried out an Eye Found It! game from Wonder Forge and have been playing it for years so I'm looking forward to giving Cole (9) this latest Eye Found It! game - Journey Through Time on … [Read more...]

I Found It! The Gift For The Person Who Has Everything!

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This is it - the gift for that impossible to buy for person on your list:Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. I friggin' love this stuff! It's an all-play toy meets office desk that's good for all ages. This isn't your ordinary putty - there are several different kinds and they all do something pretty amazing. For starters, they bounce like … [Read more...]

Not Your Mother’s Hot Chocolate with @InDelight #ShareYourDelight #Ad


Whoa... nelly. This new product is awesome. You guys are familiar with International Delight, right? They make tasty coffee creamers. Well they nave a new product - International Delight Hot Chocolate. It's not for coffee at all - it's just straight ol good-fashioned hot chocolate. It comes in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate. How … [Read more...]

Get Pearly White with Crest Whitestrips from @Walmart & How-To Keep Them White #HolidaySmile #Crest


This time of year is definitely not the time to hide your smile: the season is jolly and there are going to be lots of photo opportunities in the next two weeks! I hadmy husband Jon testout the Crest Whitestrips. He needed it! And I have to tell you all - I'm mega-jealous of anyone who can use this over the counter product. (I can't; I fell … [Read more...]

How to Make The Perfect Drink {For the Drinker On Your Holiday List!}

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Okay so... no judgement: We're not picky drinkers over here in my house. I'm mostly a white wine girl but I'll do the occasional mixed drink. Toss a little tequila in with some fruit juice and whatever else and I'll be your bestie. Same with hubby - and he doesn't discriminate at all. But there's something to be said for getting the perfect … [Read more...]

Creativity For Kids: Make Your Own Snowglobe (This Was Adorable!)


  Cole had the day off school earlier this weekand was a little bored in the afternoon. We went into the laundry room (aka also craft storage room) and pulled out this Make Your Own Snowglobe kit by Creativity for Kids that someone had given him last year. He proceeded to spend the next two hours making these two cute snow … [Read more...]

Join @WhitneyMWS @BLINQ TODAY to #DiscussTheDeals Twitter Party! 2pmET

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I'm excited about this Twitter party I'm hosting today, you guys. It's with a website called Blinq.com - have you heard of them or shopped with them before? They offer all sorts of products at discounted prices. Basically the items they are selling are returned (but not defective - many new in box) or refurbished. You can get products like this … [Read more...]

The One & Only Reason I Want Snow: TO SKI, Baby! (And How Kids Can Ski Free in PA!)

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While I am NOT generally a fan of the cold weather or the snow, there is ONE and ONLY ONE redeeming thing about the wintertime in my opinion - Skiing! Somehow this cold weather girl is a fan. I married an avid skier so it's a good thing I am. And of course now my boys are very into it as well. We live in Pennsylvania. People are often … [Read more...]

Cute Gifts for Strawberry Shortcake Fans

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This review was written by guest writer Jen. I have distinct and fond memories of my Strawberry Shortcake doll from my childhood, especially the amazing strawberry smell! When I discovered that this same doll with the same yummy smell could still be purchased today, I was so super excited to get one for my 4 1/2 year old daughter! The classic … [Read more...]

My Favorite New Clutch from Big Buddha


I'm loving my new clutch from Big Buddha. Isn't this a cute little purse for the holidays? The funny thing with the photo is that this is actually the Big Buddha Silver Birdie (not the black and gold, as the picture makes it look). It's really tough to find online but I found it at this cute online shop, Elemental Boutique. They are selling … [Read more...]

10 Under-$50 Beautiful Gifts Any Woman On Your List Would Love #FashionFriday

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There's always that SOMEONE on your holiday gift list who's just a real challenge to buy for. Great Aunt Mary, the bus driver, your kid's teacher this year whose style you just can't figure out. Gift cards are always a crowd pleaser for anyone but if you're looking for something small and elegant that would make a great gift for most women, check … [Read more...]

Some Photos from my #Thanksgiving Table – I Want It Like This Year Round! #RFBloggers


Remember I shared last month about my new dining room from Raymour & Flanigan? I'm still totally in love with it. And I wanted to share with you guys some of the photos from our Thanksgiving table set! I know it's a week late but better late than never, right? I just ADORED this look. I had 18 guests for Thanksgiving. We put both leaves into … [Read more...]