I Got my First @StitchFix Box – Help Me Decide!


Before I actually knew what Stitch Fix was, I saw people buzzing about it on Facebook.  So when I got a little invite from Klout (it's a social media thing for you non-bloggers) to check it out, I hopped on over since my curiosity had been piqued for awhile. Stitch Fix is a monthly online service that involves you having your own personal shopper … [Read more...]

Join @ClassyMommy @WhitneyMWS TOMORROW Night 4 McCormick #flavorstory Twitter Party – gr8 prizes!

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Flavors and cooking are such an important part of our lives. Flavors and use of spices are passed down in the form of recipes over generations. There are certain flavors and tastes that remind me of special times in my life - what about you? Tonight I'm co-hosting a Twitter Party with @classymommy and McCormick, a family tradition and a brand … [Read more...]

New Line of Natural Bath Products from Avon for Kids #Rio2Movie #Rio2Trailer

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The kids and I just watched the original RIO movie for what was my first time (the kids had seen it before) and we loved it! We're all really pumped for RIO 2 to hit theaters soon, so I was excited to see that Avon Naturals has this new line of bath and body products for kids with a RIO 2 theme. The flavors and scents are all tropical and fun … [Read more...]

Running with Style: Tutus, Skirts & Fun Spirited #Fitness Gear #FashionFriday


Yesterday on Facebook, my friend Melissa shared a crazy story.  NBC San Diego reported about a local runner whose picture was going to be appearing in SELF Magazine.  SELF had emailed her for permission to use the photo of she and her friend running the San Diego Marathon in their tutus. Only it turns out, SELF was making fun of them and the tutu … [Read more...]

Designer Shoes at AMAZING Prices for Women’s Size 7 or Smaller

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Last week, I went shopping at RUUM for my boys.  I got them a bunch of cute clothes, including these ADORABLE sneakers that look at a lot like Vans but without the price tag. {Canvas Sneaker, $26 at RUUM}  My 10 year old is currently a size 5 kids.  Later in my house, I looked down at the shoes and thought, hey, those look like they would fit … [Read more...]

Taking the Waterproof Mascara Test with tarte cosmetics


Today I'm testing out tarte cosmetics’ lights, cameras, splashes 4-in-1 waterproof mascara, $19.  I got it a few days ago at Sephora and I've been excited to try it out.  I'll admit, I'm not much of a mascara connoisseur.  I'm generally happy with most (unless they are unusually clumpy).  Because of that, I don't tend to spend a lot of money on … [Read more...]

DIY Headbands #Pinspiration #PinterestFAIL


Today's Pinspiration was definitely something that inspired me but ended up in a big ol' Pinterest fail.  If you've clicked over thinking you're going to see some cool DIY headbands, they are NOT done my me as you'll see my epic failure on today's post. I was going to try and do something else last minute and then I thought, hey, might as well … [Read more...]

3 Great Beauty Products from CVS for the Spring #MakeupMonday

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Yay for spring!  It's still feeling pretty winter here in Philly but I'm just psyched it's "officially" spring because hopefully that means warmer weather is on the way.  I definitely have winter makeup that doesn't work in the spring and summer and vice versa summer makeup that doesn't work in cold weather months.  Do you guys? I find I want … [Read more...]

Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo – A Movie Review


Spring has sprung in The Hundred Acre Woods, wish we were that lucky in the burbs of Philly! My family of five spent last night (which was cold and rainy) all cuddled up and watching Winnie The Pooh: Springtime with Roo. The perfect flick to get the little ones excited for Easter and the big ones (ok, me!!) excited for spring … [Read more...]

Join Us 4 the #Rio2Trailer Twitter Party on Monday 3/24 8:30 PM et


Calling all Rio Fans! Join us on Monday night March 24th to celebrate the ALL-NEW Rio 2 trailer and chat with RIO 2 Director, Carlos Saldanha. Carlos Saldanha will be joining us to talk about the film, it’s beloved characters and to answer your questions live! We’ve got fantastic prizing for 16 winners including a grand prize for a $500 Visa … [Read more...]

Discovering Madewell. #FashionFriday


I discovered a new cute store earlier this week.  Actually, the store's not new at all but it's new to me - Madewell.  Have you guys been?  I was meeting my friend Jen for one of our regular shop & lunch dates and she texted me to that she had popped into their store, drawn in my something in the window.  It was her first time in too although … [Read more...]

Privacy in the Delivery Room. {This Story Blew My Mind!}

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A couple of days ago, I was listening to my local radio station in the morning at the bus stop with my kids.  The DJs were talking about a news story out of New Jersey.  Basically a New Jersey Judge ruled that a woman in New Jersey has a right to keep the father out of the delivery room when she's giving birth.  I was all, wait what?  This is a law … [Read more...]

10 Books for 10-Year-Old Boys


Looking for something for your 10 year old son to read?  We're always on the hunt for new, exciting books to interest my 10-year-old.  He was once a reluctant reader; he enjoys reading now but it definitely has to be a particular type of book full of adventure and fun for him to enjoy it.  Here's a list of 10 books he or his friends have recently … [Read more...]

Mashed Potato Mini Muffins #Pinspiration


In case you're new here, or you haven't seen me do this before, today's Tuesday and on Tuesday's I post a Pinspiration.  A Pinspiration is a post about a pin I've seen on Pinterest, thought was cool, and decided to try out.  It can be food, beauty, clothes, hair or really anything.  I try it out, maybe make a change (or not) and post about it.  I … [Read more...]

Makeup Monday: Neutrals

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You can't go wrong with neutrals - it's the one shade of makeup that works for all skintones. And speaking of neutrals, they are on trend for spring make up this year. Here are some great neutral picks to change up your routine but still look soft & muted. These are some great daytime options. Scroll through the slideshow to check out my … [Read more...]

Casual Chic for Spring #FashionFriday


We had a little taste of spring on Tuesday when it hit 61 degrees here in Philly. I opened up the windows and aired the house out a bit and it was divine. Of course now we're back to painfully frigid temps - just one more day in the epically cold never-ending winter.  I'm ignoring it and once again going spring trends for Fashion Friday just … [Read more...]

I’m OBSESSED (They Added More Sizes to the @Athleta Sale on @Zulily)! I Bought MORE!

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 11.43.09 AM

I can't help myself. I signed up to get an email if this dress came back in stock in my size and it did this morning! Noticed they added more inventory on other goods too.  Must. Control.  Self. But isn't this so cute?  I just got this one for the summer:  Meteor Gray Pack Everywhere Dress ($44.99 on Zulily.com, normally $89 at Athleta) … [Read more...]

Check Out My Cute New Flats from Shoebuy.com, Plus 20% off Coupon Code

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Pretty soon we'll be putting away the boots and hopping into some spring shoes (I hope soon!) like flats and dare I hope for it, some open-toed wedges?  Shoebuy.com has great prices on brands you love at discounted prices.  I love Shoebuy.com not only because they have competitive prices but they always seem to sport some great coupon code for … [Read more...]

Athleta on Zulily! RUN! (And, What I Bought)

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.33.29 PM

Officially the worst blogger only for only telling you this after 12:00 but I've been at the gym all morning and only just found out that Athleta is on sale at Zulily today!  I got a text from my friend Rachel and was basically pushing the speed limit to get home as I drove back from the gym so I could get online and check it out. These sales … [Read more...]

New Flavors from ChapStick are Perfect Easter Basket Goodies!


How fun are these new spring flavors of ChapStick? ChapStick Pomegrante GumDrop & ChapStick Citrus Jelly Bean can be found at your local Walmart, CVS and Walgreens as of March 1st.  We got a sample pack of both flavors the other day and my boys loved both although are only going with the Citrus Jelly Bean now because it's orange and they think … [Read more...]