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Hoping to connect w/ vendors who sell items targeted to moms

Why stop at diaper bags and clothing? How about baby bedding? Strollers? Shopping cart covers for your little one... high chairs, toys, around the house items and more!

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Hoping to connect w/ vendors who sell items targeted to moms

Postby mom2juliaemily » Tue Jul 10, 2007 3:16 pm

Hello. My name is Jill Asher and I am the co-founder of Silicon Valley Moms Blog and Chicago Moms Blog.

Here the links to both well read collaborative sites:

We have over 60 contributors between both sites, and we are planning on throwing a big party for our contributors (sponsored by Yahoo), the night before BlogHer, (blogging conference for women in Chicago) on Thursday, July 26th. Yahoo is throwing/sponsoring us the party for our contributors, and we are now looking to put together a "swag bag", which will be given to all of our writers.

We are reaching out to sites that might be interested in contributing items to a "swag bag". In return, we are going to put up a post on SIlicon Valley Moms Blog and Chicago Moms Blog thanking everyone that added items to this bag. We are also going to ask our contributors to put something up on their personal sites - but we can't guarantee it.

If you have an item that would be good for a "mom or grandmom" and could give us 60 of the same item (different patterns are ok, we just need the same item), please let me know.

I would be happy to tell you more about the swag bag, our event and the exposure/PR that you would receive by donating these items to our event/swag bag.

My email address is jill DOT asher AT gmail DOT com

Jill Asher
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Chicago Moms Blog
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