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Reese Li Diaper Bags

What are you carrying? What kind of bag would you like to carry? Know of a good diaper bag sale? Come post here!

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Reese Li Diaper Bags

Postby littlelaundry » Mon Aug 28, 2006 1:08 pm

I still have a few brand new Reese Li Diaper Bags to sell if anyone is interested.

I would like to get them out of my stock, so I'm willing to sell them for much less than Retail.

1. Tan Sunset Stripe Georgetown Baby Bag with blue interior (retails at $130+). I will sell it for only $85 plus S&H.

2. Same bag as #1 however interior is pink (not blue). Same price.

3. Milky Way Savannah Baby Bag (retails at $100+). I will sell it for only $70 plus S&H.

Feel free to PM me with questions and I can send you pictures too.
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