When I Go Into my Local GameStop, it’s like Going into Cheers, EVERYBODY KNOWS MY NAME

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Do you guys have gamers in your house?  That's pretty much all my boys are about over here.  We have both a WiiU and an Xbox360 and I'd say the WiiU is definitely the preferred system of choice right now although I do see Nate (11) starting to move over to the Xbox more. For gaming purchases, I'm all about GameStop.  While I love Amazon, … [Read more...]

Ignore the Crowds & Stay Home to Shop This Holiday with ShopRunner

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Do you guys know about ShopRunner.com? I knew very little about them before looking into them for this post. In a nutshell, ShopRunner is a very easy way for you to shop online and receive free 2-day shipping (like Amazon Prime membership), free return shipping and member-only deals that are special to you and better than you can get directly at … [Read more...]

Frozen Elsa Doll On Sale (And In Stock!) at Walmart.com

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This Frozen Elsa Doll is a hot pick for the holiday season!  It's normally $39.99 but on sale for $28.88.  It's also been one of the hottest holiday picks for the season (no shocker with a Frozen doll this year!) and been near impossible to find.  If you have a little girl you are buying for, snatch this up now!   … [Read more...]

Portable North Pole: FREE & Premium Personalized Videos from Santa for Your Child

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Are you guys familiar with Portable North Pole? I had checked them out last year when I made a video for my boys using their website. You plug in your child's name, some personal info and you'll get a personalized video of Santa talking to your child. Such a fun way to get into the spirit!  It's really kind of magical and so very 2014 to have your … [Read more...]

The BEST of #CyberMonday: Coupon Codes and Heavy Discounts

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25% off at Sticky9 (formerly Stickygram) - love these Instagram photos turned magnets - I give these every year as a gift!  No coupon code needed. 50% off at AnnTaylor.com with coupon code CYBER50 40% off at Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy with coupon code CYBER 50% off at EyesLipsFace.com with coupon code CYBERMONDAY 20% off with … [Read more...]

I Ordered My Holiday Cards! Yay! And, 40% Off Coupon Code TODAY ONLY at TinyPrints.com

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Efficiency is what it's all about at TinyPrints.com this time of year.  I love how I order my Christmas cards, ask for a FREE proofread from a real human and STILL, within an hour I receive an email that my cards are approved and on the way.  That place just churns the out this time of year!  And it's no surprise.  I've been ordering from Tiny … [Read more...]

$20 Year-Long Magazine Subscriptions for Kids: #BlackFriday #CyberMonday Deal, Act Fast! #GiftofReading

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If you're looking for something different to give as a gift this holiday season, check out this fabulous sale price from Cricket Media on any of their magazines. Currently they are running a Black Friday-weekend deal where you can get a year long subscription towards any of their magazines for $20!  You can click through but here is the info about … [Read more...]