Amazon Prime on BIG SALE TODAY ($72!)

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I've never seen this sale before but I wish I could take advantage. I'm already an Amazon Prime member though and couldn't imagine not having it. So I pay $99/a year for it but today only if you join it's $72 for the year.  I'm so spoiled with the two-day shipping and the streaming vid is pretty awesome too.  Here's all you get with … [Read more...]

14-Day Free Trial at

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Like leading a horse to water, that's how eMeals is for me with meal planning. Sometimes I forget to drink but when I do, it's so much better all around. Cheesy analogy aside, I've been a member of going on 3 years now. The weeks I remember to use the meal plan make my life so much easier. Not familiar with eMeals? They make menu and … [Read more...]

Old Navy ACTIVE On Sale: Fitness Clothes

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Old Navy has all of their ACTIVE on sale today - up to 40% off on some goodies, plus you can get an additional 31% off with coupon code BUBBLY.  Some of the items are a steal like these Active Patterned Compression Pants - they are down to $18 plus you can use for the coupon code for more money off! Their stuff isn't bad quality at all!  I … [Read more...]

Holiday Fashion (and Great Prices!) with Rack Room Shoes

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So there's a Rack Room Shoes literally 5 minutes from my house.  I had been in-store a couple of years ago, scored some cute shoes at a great price, and then proceeded to not go in again until I worked on this campaign.  I really have no excuse for my lapse in savvy shopping because Rack Room carries on-trend shoes at great prices! They always … [Read more...]

When I Go Into my Local GameStop, it’s like Going into Cheers, EVERYBODY KNOWS MY NAME

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Do you guys have gamers in your house?  That's pretty much all my boys are about over here.  We have both a WiiU and an Xbox360 and I'd say the WiiU is definitely the preferred system of choice right now although I do see Nate (11) starting to move over to the Xbox more. For gaming purchases, I'm all about GameStop.  While I love Amazon, … [Read more...]

Ignore the Crowds & Stay Home to Shop This Holiday with ShopRunner

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Do you guys know about I knew very little about them before looking into them for this post. In a nutshell, ShopRunner is a very easy way for you to shop online and receive free 2-day shipping (like Amazon Prime membership), free return shipping and member-only deals that are special to you and better than you can get directly at … [Read more...]

Frozen Elsa Doll On Sale (And In Stock!) at

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This Frozen Elsa Doll is a hot pick for the holiday season!  It's normally $39.99 but on sale for $28.88.  It's also been one of the hottest holiday picks for the season (no shocker with a Frozen doll this year!) and been near impossible to find.  If you have a little girl you are buying for, snatch this up now!   … [Read more...]

Portable North Pole: FREE & Premium Personalized Videos from Santa for Your Child

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Are you guys familiar with Portable North Pole? I had checked them out last year when I made a video for my boys using their website. You plug in your child's name, some personal info and you'll get a personalized video of Santa talking to your child. Such a fun way to get into the spirit!  It's really kind of magical and so very 2014 to have your … [Read more...]

The BEST of #CyberMonday: Coupon Codes and Heavy Discounts

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25% off at Sticky9 (formerly Stickygram) - love these Instagram photos turned magnets - I give these every year as a gift!  No coupon code needed. 50% off at with coupon code CYBER50 40% off at Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy with coupon code CYBER 50% off at with coupon code CYBERMONDAY 20% off with … [Read more...]