Update On Our Meal Delivery Service Trials: We Tried Blue Apron


So earlier in January, I told the folks on Facebook that I would be trying out some of the meal prep delivery services. I started with Hello Fresh and while the service was far from perfect, we enjoyed the process and the food that week. My second test was with Blue Apron, which seems to be the more popular of these services around. I see lots … [Read more...]

I Tried Hello Fresh & Here’s What I Thought {Meal Subscription Box}


One of my New Year goals is to be better about meal planning and meal organization. I'm the first to admit I'm horribly disorganized when it comes to meal planning and cooking. Sometimes I just can't be bothered - looking up a meal, trying to organize my grocery list to make sure I get everything. I always forget somethingand I always end up taking … [Read more...]

84% Off Color Your Canvas (Like An Adult Coloring Book! Love This!)

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Who out there loves those Adult Coloring books? I love them. My boys do too and you can often find the 3 of us sitting at the kitchen table, each of us working on a page. I noticed this cool spin on the Adult Coloring Book today on Groupon - Color Your Canvas.It's an Adult Coloring Page but on a canvas. I bet these would be just … [Read more...]

Make More Time For You in 2016: Get Tips How with The Fringe Hours ($1.99 Today!)

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Friends, when was the last time you made some time for yourself? You're laughing, right? At the suggestion? I know. I struggle often to find any time for myself with work, family live and general craziness. But you can do it! Early last year, I brought you a review of my blogger friend Jessica's book, The Fringe Hours. Her book helps you find … [Read more...]

Your Next Book Club Book – This is Seriously a MUST READ

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Every now and then, I finish a book that's so good, I'm just blown away. I spend days reeling over how it all, picking apart the plot, reading reviews online and mourning the fact that I'm done with the story. It had been awhile since a book had really ripped me to my core but the Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah, did just that for me over Christmas … [Read more...]

Tasty Wine That Won’t Give You A Hangover: Mia Rosa

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Anyone who knows me, knows I love my wine. And being a lightweight, it doesn't take much for me to have a big old headache the next day. So I was intrigued to learn more when I recently learned aboutMia Rosa wines - a lower in alcohol wine. It's an Italian wine that has recently come to the states. They have a Moscato (white) and Dolce Rosso … [Read more...]

Stocking Up on My Fav Fridge Photo Magnets w This Buy One, Get One Half Off Deal!

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People comment on my Sticky9 photo magnets on our fridge all of the time. Sticky9 creates cute little square photos for you at a reasonable price! It's $15.99 for a sheet of 6 photos and they are adorable on the fridge. They used to only offer it off Instagram but I noticed in creating my magnets today that you can also connect to Facebook and … [Read more...]

Recipe: Cinnamon French Toast Bake

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  Cinnamon French Toast Bake You will need: 2 packages of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls 6 eggs 1 tbsp vanilla 1/4 cup milk or half n half 1/2 cup maple syrup Directions: Preheat oven to 350. Cut each cinnamon roll into 1/4 and place in a baking dish. (I used pie pan). In a large bowl whisk eggs, vanilla, and milk until well … [Read more...]

Recipe: Rudolph Chow – Perfect for Christmas!

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This is a very easy and addicting snack or little munchie to have out for friends and family on Christmas! It's called Rudolph Chow and you can use it to bring to a friend's house, serve at your house or put out on Christmas Eve and tell your kiddos it's actually a snack for Rudolph. (Be sure to eat your share!) Enjoy! Rudolph … [Read more...]