Snowman Craft – Measure Your Snow! #Pinspiration


This week's Pinspiration was inspired by this pin and the threat of an epic snowstorm that fell flat here in Philadelphia Sunday night. For days, the weathermen were threatening that winter storm Titan would dump a foot of snow or more on Philly but it ended up missing us and going south to all you folks in the DC area. Can't say I was too bummed … [Read more...]

For Unique Back-to-School Products:

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 8.16.17 PM

For those of you not wanting your kids to have the same cookie-cutter back to school product that everyone else will have, check out How fun are some of these items: Chewing Gum Pencil Pouch, 12.95 Cow Pencil Sharpener, $14.85 Kids Desk Alarm Clock, $14.25 Rock, Paper, Scissors Pencils, $1.25 … [Read more...]

Cute & Stylish!: Martha Stewart’s Home Office Line @Staples


Remember when everything in an office was gray file cabinets and puke-yellow colored manila envelopes?  We can look back at those as the Dark Ages of ugly offices and happily decorate and organize today's office with pretty and functional office products like those from Martha Stewart's Office Line at Staples! People, this stuff is cuuuuuuuuute! … [Read more...]

I Cleaned Up My Kitchen Counters! Love the Fiskars Art Caddy


So check out what had recently happened to one of the corners in my kitchen.  With two elementary-school aged kids coming home with homework each weekday, we're always in need of the usuals - crayons, colored pencils, pencils, glue sticks and scissors.  While I have a neat little organized area in my laundry room for arts & crafts, we had … [Read more...]

Staples EasyCanvas – Affordable, Perfect Holiday Gift


Everyone loves a great family photo, right? And the trend in recent years has been to blow up the best of your photos and turn them into stretched canvas artwork in your house. But doing this isn't always cheap. I've seen stretched canvas photo art priced as high as $1000! Love that places like Staples offer an affordable and great quality … [Read more...]

Staples Arc Notebook Keeps Me Organized #MomMixer


Last week at the Mom Mixer in Philadelphia,  I was so excited to be able to send all of our attendees home with a Staples Arc Notebook.  Because I love mine.  I may try and keep myself organized online and on my computer as much as I can, but the end of the day nothing beats having a notebook and the ability to keep notes written by your own … [Read more...]

National Admin Day with Staples & A Twitter Party #CelebrateAdmins


Did you know that today is National Admin Day? You may know it as National Secretaries Day but I think we've gone more PC and call it National Administrative Day. So here are some of the cool findings from a survey that Staples put out: This survey found that nearly two-thirds of respondents (65.2 percent) felt the office would be more … [Read more...]

Kleen Slate: Love These Dry Erase Paddles for the Classroom & House


Every now and then I receive a product that makes me say, well this is just awesome. I had that reaction when I opened up the samples I received from Kleen Slate. Kleen Slate makes dry erase paddles and products. The dry erase marker fits into the handle of the paddle and the possibilities are pretty endless with these paddles. Today, we used … [Read more...]

Tax Season #Giveaway from Staples: Mailmate Shredder & Accordian File


Tax Season again. All I have to say about that is, BLAH! My poor tax lady just loves me this time of year - I'm definitely not a fan of dealing with receipts, random 1099s and all that good paperwork that comes along with having to do your taxes. With all that personal information, it's key that you have a paper shredder, right? All those … [Read more...]

Laundry Room OverHaul; Arts & Craft Organization


I'm embarrassed to be sharing these before photos. The only reason I'm doing it is because I can post an after photo. Otherwise, I always thought that if anyone actually took a look at my laundry room they might apply on the sly for my family to appear on an episode of Hoarders. Our laundry room is in the middle of our first floor and pretty … [Read more...]