B-Warmer Nursing Hoodie: A Review

b warmer

My son was born in the cold month of December and when I started to search for nursing wear I realized that pretty much everything came in the form of a tank top. That isn't ideal when it's freezing out. Now that I have my daughter and the cold months will soon be upon us I was finding the same problem. That is until I found boob nursing wear. With … [Read more...]

bravado! Designs Nursing Wear

bravado designs

I nursed my son for a year and that meant that I got to wear lovely nursing bras for a very long time. One thing I learned very quickly is that comfort is key. With your body constantly changing it is important to have a bra that can be worn all day and allow you to easily nurse your baby comfortably. The bras by bravado! Designs are made just for … [Read more...]

Baby Essentials: Warm Milk Baby Hobo Convertible Diaper Bag – Perfect for Nursing Moms


Love your nursing pillow, but don't want to lug it around every time you leave the house (believe me, I've done that). Well, there's a better solution and it combines a nursing pillow AND a stylish diaper bag. Warm Milk's Baby Hobo Convertible Diaper Bag ($95) converts into a nursing pillow. Just take this awesome diaper bag (which we'll talk … [Read more...]

Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week with These Favorite Products


August 1-7 is this year's World Breastfeeding Week. †Celebrating everything breastfeeding related, I thought I would bring to you a collection of favorite products and reviews that are all about breastfeeding. We've reviewed a heck of a lot of breastfeeding products over the years - some great, some not so great. ¬†So for this week, I went … [Read more...]

You! Lingerie: Pretty Nursing Wear

you! lingerie

Every nursing mom knows the dread you feel every time you go to buy a nursing bra, only to find yet another bland nude colored one. Yes, the nude bra goes with everything, but it certainly does not help to make you feel at all attractive. And who doesn't want to feel attractive sometimes? Why can't there be a nursing bra that mimics "regular" … [Read more...]

39 weeks: Getting ready for the big day with my dearjohnnies Hospital Gown


It's been a long 39 weeks. I am ready to meet my baby girl any day now! My bags are packed, and one of the things in that bag that I am very excited about is my new dearjohnnies hospital gown and robe. I was looking at pictures of myself from my last two births, and honestly, that big, gross, ugly hospital gown couldn't have made me look any … [Read more...]

Cover Me Strap: Keeps You Covered (Giveaway!)

cover me strap

As a breastfeeding mom I am sometimes forced to feed my son in places other than my couch. Luckily I am not extremely shy about it, but there still is a need to cover up. I have a nursing cover, but sometimes it's just to big and bulky to carry around in my already full diaper bag. For times like that it's nice to have something small and versatile … [Read more...]

Bravado! Nursing Bra From Bare Necessities: Pretty and Comfortable!

bravado underwire

As a nursing mom I am torn when it comes to nursing bras...I don't want to buy alot because lets face it eventually I will be finished nursing and I won't need them. But then I find that if I don't have enough, I am constantly washing the ones I have. And who has time for that? So I am always happy to get a new nursing bra, and I was excited to try … [Read more...]

Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breastpump: A Powerful Breastpump at a Reasonable Price


Need a powerful daily electric breastpump that won't break the bank? That's why we like Lansinoh's Affinity Double Electric Breastpump (price range $135 - $159). It's pretty compact, can run on AA batteries (if you have nowhere to plug it in) and does exactly what you need it to do! It features independent adjustable cycle and suction.† It starts … [Read more...]

HOTmilk: Making Nursing Pajamas Sexy

Delighted with her Victory

When it comes to nursing comfort is key in my book. As a matter of fact, since I have pretty much been home bound, I basically wear anything comfortable that makes nursing as easy as possible. That means nothing at all fashionable. Thus far I have stuck to zippered sweat shirts, and nursing tanks. Things like that have been my day time wardrobe, … [Read more...]