Introducing the 3-stage Pacifier System from Difrax


Rather than buying baby a different pacifier as they grow, here's a new option.  Brand new to the US, Difrax's 3-stage pacifier system offers a colorful, stylish pacifier system that grows and develops with your baby. Each paci works for a different stage of your baby's development.  And you can select from two styles - Classic, which resembles … [Read more...]

Goldfish Mac & Cheese: Two Favs in One for my Kids!


Ooooh man, what an enticing combo. Goldfish is now making Goldfish Mac & Cheese.  Just showing the box to my kids had them all excited.  Offering them a combo of two of their favorite things in one product?  They were sold from the start. This new line is available exclusively at Walmart and just launched June 24th.  They are $.98 a box so … [Read more...]

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When I'm feeling organized, I use subscription based meal-planning service to feed the fam.  I had fallen off the organization wagon a bit the last few weeks with traveling and the unorganized summer days. But on a recent road trip I did a random search to see if eMeals had an iPhone app and was psyched to learn they do!  I downloaded … [Read more...]

Newborn Gift Idea: Personalized Burp Cloth & Bib Set from Free Shipping ’til Feb 28th!


What do you give to the Mom who has everything for their newborn baby? This is a question I get asked a lot here on Mommies with Style. That and, what do they REALLY need? I have the answer for you guys!  Bibs and burp cloths from make the perfect new baby gift for just about anyone. My good friend Jennifer started this … [Read more...]

Feed Baby Hands Free with Li’L Helper Bottle Feeder


It's been a long time since I've needed to give a baby a bottle but as a Mom, you don't forget those harried months of juggling having a baby and all the care giving things that come along with it! If you're bottle feeding, here's a huge time saver that I think is ingenious - the Li'l Helper Bottle feeder($12.97).  It's both a toy and a bottle … [Read more...]

High Chair Review: Snugli


Looking for a high chair?  Check out the Snugli High Chair ($139.99) at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It's designed with a crisp white surface and chrome tubing, making it easy for wipe down and cleaning! It has an adjustable seat (6 height positions, 3 positions for reclining).  The tray also removes and is dishwasher safe - I don't think I need to … [Read more...]

Svan’s Lyft Booster: The Coolest Looking Family Table Chair for your Toddler


Honestly, where were these cool-looking booster seats when my kids were little? I would have loved to use something like Svan's Lyft Booster Seat at our family dining table over some of the plastic, ugly-looking ones I used with my son Nate eight years ago. This modern booster seat has a sleek and urban design that fits right into your home and … [Read more...]

New Signet Highchair from Svan


High chairs are not often known for their style. Plastic behemoths, too-loud colors and cheap materials abound. But then there is Svan. Their high chair has been one of my favorite pieces of baby gear since I initially discovered it with my first child. And now they've given it an upgrade to add even more features. The newly remodel, redesigned … [Read more...]

Be Spill Free with Munchkin’s New Click Lock Cups


Man, sometimes I see the latest on the baby and toddler market and all I can think is, where were these awesome products when my oldest was young?  Because we certainly didn't have the option for anything nearly as cool as Munchkin's latest - the new Click Lock cups. Because kids spill, and because I'm sure you'd prefer to keep the juice in your … [Read more...]

Baby Essentials: Warm Milk Baby Hobo Convertible Diaper Bag – Perfect for Nursing Moms


Love your nursing pillow, but don't want to lug it around every time you leave the house (believe me, I've done that). Well, there's a better solution and it combines a nursing pillow AND a stylish diaper bag. Warm Milk's Baby Hobo Convertible Diaper Bag ($95) converts into a nursing pillow. Just take this awesome diaper bag (which we'll talk … [Read more...]