Tiggly Shapes – Toddler Interactive iPad Toys

Tiggly Draw artwork3

Tiggly Shapes are awesome! My three year daughter Fiona absolutely loves playing with my "hi-pad" so when we received toys that are interactive with her favorite gadget, she was pretty excited. The set came with a felt storage bag containing four shapes - circle, square, triangle and star as well as three free apps to download. Anyone can download … [Read more...]

I Don’t Know if I Should Be Proud or Ashamed: We Finished Super Mario Wii U!

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Santa brought the WiiU for Christmas and along with the Wii came this New Super Mario Brothers WiiU ($44.99 on Amazon) game and it only reminded me how much we love the Nintendo brand as we started playing this non-stop after Christmas and now, a week later, we have completed the game! Like I said in the headline, I'm not sure if I should be … [Read more...]

Minecraft T-Shirts on BIG Sale at Kohls.com!

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Happened to notice that these Minecraft t-shirts at Kohls.com are now on sale - we paid full price a few weeks ago!  My kids get comments ALL. THE. TIME when they are wearing these.  Just yesterday in Hershey, Nate had one of his tees on and apparently some kid in line said to him, "dude, do you even hear me talking to you?  I'm talking to you … [Read more...]

Are you Pre-Ordering Disney Infinity? {Amazon Deal for Bonus Figure}

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You can now order Disney's Infinity which, if you haven't heard of it yet, is pretty much Disney's answer to Skylanders.  It's a multi-platform game that comes with interchangeable Disney figures that come to life on the game. Check out the list of retailers you can pre-order Disney Infinity on.  I like the Disney Infinity deal on Amazon, where … [Read more...]

12 Best Minecraft Parody Songs

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Two years in and the Minecraft obsession in our house hasn't waned.  We have a server, Minecraft toys and regularly have someone playing at our house.  My 9 year old is the big player but my 6 year old has gotten into the action recently too. One of the ways they take Minecraft "offline" when we're in the car or on the go is via Minecraft parody … [Read more...]

Free Apps on iTunes TODAY ONLY


iTunes celebrates its five year anniversary today (!) and to celebrate some otherwise paid apps are free.  I've downloaded a few today and they include: Tiny Wings (fun game for everyone in the family!  We had the free version up 'til now, happy to have the full version now) Traktor DJ - everyone seems to rave about this one! Infinity … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS Review: Luigi’s Mansion


Knowing that I was going to have my kids in one space for close to eight hours while I hosted a work event last weekend, I knew I had to bring out the big guns for entertainment.  Cole (6) had been seeing the commercials for Luigi's Mansion - Dark Moon, a new game from Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS and I ended up caving and buying it for both boys … [Read more...]

Affordable Headphones from Target for Your Spring & Summer Travels


Ear buds just don't cut it in my kids ears for whatever reason. They won't stay; the kids pull them out; they don't like they way they feel, etc. So my 9 year old has been using some Skull Candy headphones for awhile but they are too big for my 6 year old. Then, in a nice timely manner, we got these Kidz Gear Volume Limit Headphones (Target, … [Read more...]

LifeProof nüüd – Keeping Your iPad Safe From Life


We picked up an iPad this last Christmas for our family and my first concern was keeping it safe while in the kids' hands. I looked at a number of cases geared for kids, and while many of them looked like they would indeed keep the iPad safe, they didn't always look like a case I'd want to be seen with. Neon colors. Huge foam padding. They loudly … [Read more...]

Educational iPad Tool: AppStart’s Learning Tablet


If you own an iPad and have a child between the ages of 2-6, I feel like this is a must-have! I seriously think this is an awesome product and wish it had come out when my kids were younger. This is iLearn 'N Play iPad Tablet from AppStart Learning.  It snaps around your iPad and keeps it secure (awesome point #1 - iPad protection from unsteady … [Read more...]