Great Pool & Beach Toys for Under $20

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Hooray for summer, hot weather and many weeks of beach and pool time ahead of us!! $5 Boogie Boards at Five Below!   Diving Sticks, $8.04 on Amazon Swimways Spring Float Papasan, $19.99 4-pack Water Blaster, $11.99 Melissa & Doug Shark Toss & Catch Set, $12.16 Can you Dig It Sand Tools, $14.95 (My boys met Sandman Matt, … [Read more...]

The “I’m Bored” Kids Summer Check List


I'm seeing a lot of Summer Bucket List and Summer Activity lists floating around lately.  For most of us Moms, this summer isn't our first rodeo and while we're all looking forward to the lack of homework and scheduling, we know what's also coming with the summer weeks ahead.  I'm booorrrrrred will definitely come out of my boys mouths many times … [Read more...]

Two New Addicting Apps

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Today's post is gonna be a short one.  Sorry for the radio silence folks but I've been busy enjoying the surf & sun in Sea Isle, New Jersey for the last few days!  I'm gonna get myself back into the swing of things today hopefully but wanted to share with you guys two quick new apps that we discovered in the past week and CAN NOT put … [Read more...]

LEGO Fans will Love these LEGO Watches! {Perfect Easter Basket Goody!}

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Everything is awesome... when you're wearing a LEGO Watch! I can't think of a better Easter basket goodie for your LEGO fan than one of these LEGO Kids Watches.  The watches run around $25 and they have Star Wars, Legends of Chima, Batman, Robin, LEGO Movie watches and more! Aren't these the cutest? Get one of these LEGO watches or one … [Read more...]

Tiggly Shapes – Toddler Interactive iPad Toys

Tiggly Draw artwork3

Tiggly Shapes are awesome! My three year daughter Fiona absolutely loves playing with my "hi-pad" so when we received toys that are interactive with her favorite gadget, she was pretty excited. The set came with a felt storage bag containing four shapes - circle, square, triangle and star as well as three free apps to download. Anyone can download … [Read more...]

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse? Have No Fear, Nerf’s Got You Covered with the new Zombie Strike line!

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Whether it's preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse or it's just your little brother coming around the corner, Nerf's new line of Zombie Nerf Toys are sure to please in the fun category.  I literally laughed when I got the pitch for the Nerf Zombie Strike.  I love Zombies and I love Nerf so I'm tempted to forget the kids and get one of these all for … [Read more...]

Books & Products Kid Who Loves Greek Mythology #mythology #greekmythology

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My memory of 6th grade and the time I discovered D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths is so distinct to me.  I loved that book.  I read it cover to cover several times, earmarking favorite myths of mine.  I swore that someday I would study mythology, which probably seemed funny at the time but was no longer funny I declared Mythology to be my minor in … [Read more...]

Holiday Gifts for a 10-year-old Boy: 2-Foot #Minecraft Creeper, Xbox Games & More

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My baby turned 10 today.  Hard to believe!  It truly feels like just yesterday that I held him on his first day of life at the hospital. It's been a great day for him because we got some snow here in Philly so the kids ended up with a Snow Day from school.  Cancelled school and hours of fun snow time on a kid's birthday?  It's like a dream come … [Read more...]

Hot Boy Toy #Holiday Pick: VMD Cannon Commando Remote Control (On Sale $34.99)

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The name should say it all - this toy is called a Vehicle of Mass Destruction and just the name makes me laugh as it's such an enticing boy toy.  The VMD Cannon Commando Toy Vehicle ($34.99, normally $69.99!) is remote-controlled and rapid fires 16 darts up to 50 feet within 12 seconds! This one will be under our Christmas tree this year and I … [Read more...]

40% off the Razor Flash Rider (my Boys FAVORITE Holiday Gift Last Year!) #BlackFriday

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We paid over $100 EACH on two of the Razor Flash Riders last year!  Amazon has them on a huge price cut for the next four days on one of their flash deals.  Get the Razor Flash Rider for $64.99 (normally $119.99) I can't tell you guys what an awesome toy this is.  When the kids crank the wheel hard to turn, it sends the Flash Rider into a 360. … [Read more...]