Last Minute Gift Idea For A Girl: Orbeez

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Is it totally shameful that I kind of want one of these for me?  The Orbeez Body Spa ($49.99, is an inflatable seat that you fill with Orbeez beads (6000 come with the product!)  They are soft and the chair vibrates while you sit in it - helloooo comfortable?  It runs on C battaries and the idea is that you don't use all 6000 beads at … [Read more...]

Mission Impossible: Gear for your Spy-in-Training

Top-secret missions. Cool gadgets. Hidden identities. The appeal of the spy is hard for kids to resist. This holiday season you can get your spy-in-training the key gear with these cool gadgets from Spy Gear. Spike Mic Launcher Whether it’s what your older brother is saying on the phone or what mom and dad are talking about in the living … [Read more...]

The Christmas Pimple

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This Christmas seems more harried than any Christmas have had to date.  The entire month has been a race around the track to get to holiday parties, sports events, bake cookies and do what Moms do when Christmas is impending.  Relax is not in my vocabulary this month and my body started to feel it a few days ago. I first felt that twinge of pain … [Read more...]

Stocking Stuffer for Your Teen Girl: Eyedoll Chatter Makeup #BestofBeauty

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Introducing Eyedoll Chatter, the cutest little makeup sets that are a great gift for your tween or teenager this holiday season!  These makeup kits are super cute and fun for a girls night in or out. Buy kits by the 3-pack for $15.  Here is the link to the Eyedoll scented eyeshadows ($15).  Movie Night is one of the kits - it comes with three … [Read more...]

Peace, Love & Tie-Dye Fun from Barely There


Last month, I wrote about Barely There - an intimates company (they make bras & undies!). Somehow I got lucky enough to become a Barely There Blogger - they've been sending me products monthly to test out but I'm not required to write about them. Still, a couple months in and I'm loving the products so I wanted to tell you about the latest - … [Read more...]

#BestofBeauty Tuesday: Abbie Reviews willa – an All Natural Skincare Line for Tweens & Teens


Hey guys, I have a great vlog from my niece Abbie who you may remember has been doing reviews for me on and off for a few years. She's 15 now! She tested out willa™ skincare, a new line of natural skincare products specifically designed to address the needs of young girls, created by a young girl. Abbie loved it! Watch the video where she … [Read more...]

Holiday Picks from the Gift Guide Girls: Tweens & Teens


I've partnered up with bloggers: Vera Sweeney of Lady and the Blog, Colleen Padilla from Classy Mommy and Audrey McClelland from Mom Generations to bring you a fabulous and extensive Holiday Gift Guide from the Gift Guide Girls. We've come up with 12 Holiday Gift Guides, all ranging in different topics, to bring to you our favorite Holiday Gift … [Read more...]

All About the TBox: Let’s Talk Periods & Tampons. Oh Yes, I’m Going There.


Once upon a time, I was embarrassed to talk about my period, tampon and all things girls.  But that was long, long ago when I was a teenager.  I hadn't yet given birth to two kids and been in stirrups flashing all sorts of body parts to all sorts of doctors and nurses. As Moms, most of us have become pretty comfortable with our bodies.  But we … [Read more...]

Get Your Family Groove on with Dance Dance Revolution (Wii)

While I may scream if we have one more snow day this year, this winter we've discovered a new family game thanks to all of the snow days.  Dance Dance Revolution by Konami may not be a new game, but it's new to us and there is a new Wii release for it. This game has been around for 11 years but this latest release (November 2010) adds a … [Read more...]

40% off at with Coupon Code UPSAPPRECIATE

This is a GREAT coupon code because Skull Candy products do not come cheap.  Use coupon code UPSAPPRECIATE to receive 40% off your order through January 31, 2011. Skull Candy makes designer headphones - these are popular with tweens and teens and they have many NBA and other sports teams available for purchase. … [Read more...]