I Got my First @StitchFix Box – Help Me Decide!


Before I actually knew what Stitch Fix was, I saw people buzzing about it on Facebook.  So when I got a little invite from Klout (it's a social media thing for you non-bloggers) to check it out, I hopped on over since my curiosity had been piqued for awhile. Stitch Fix is a monthly online service that involves you having your own personal shopper … [Read more...]

Makeup Monday: Neutrals

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 3.24.52 PM

You can't go wrong with neutrals - it's the one shade of makeup that works for all skintones. And speaking of neutrals, they are on trend for spring make up this year. Here are some great neutral picks to change up your routine but still look soft & muted. These are some great daytime options. Scroll through the slideshow to check out my … [Read more...]

Athleta on Zulily! RUN! (And, What I Bought)

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.33.29 PM

Officially the worst blogger only for only telling you this after 12:00 but I've been at the gym all morning and only just found out that Athleta is on sale at Zulily today!  I got a text from my friend Rachel and was basically pushing the speed limit to get home as I drove back from the gym so I could get online and check it out. These sales … [Read more...]

Cute Spring Workout Gear #FashionFriday

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 2.19.00 PM

I'm having a rough time getting my running mojo back.  After being in Florida last month and enjoying a couple of runs on the beach, I remembered how awesome it is to put one foot after the other and to BE OUTSIDE in the fresh air and sunshine.  I got that runner's high feeling and promised myself I would step up my running game when I got … [Read more...]

Desperately Seeking… A Cute Backpack.

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Anyone ever noticed the lack of cute backpacks for Moms?  I'm a huge fan of the concept of a backpack.  I love being hands free - especially when I'm traveling but even just in every day life. Last year, I bought this Vera Bradley backpack for a trip to Disney World.  It's cute for sure and I have used it a BUNCH since I got it last year - so … [Read more...]

That Time I Was Tempted to Trade in my Minivan (Cadillac SRX Review!) @DistrictDrive @Cadillac

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 1.22.41 PM

  On a recent trip to Florida, we were lucky enough to ride in style with a Cadillac SRX at our disposal for the week.  The boys proclaimed they wanted to trade in our minivan and get one of these cars and I have to say, I was tempted after using all of the perks that come along with the SRX! I've been wanting to downsize for awhile and I … [Read more...]

THINK SPRING. {Maybe if we All Wish Hard Enough… ?} #FashionFriday

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.47.09 PM

If all goes as planned, by the time you reading this, I will be sitting on a beach in Florida.  I know, feel free to hate me!  Because if the weathermen are also right, there will be over a foot of snow on my driveway back in Philly when this posts as well. I'm writing this from home earlier in the week and I'm looking out at my snow filled back … [Read more...]

My Favorite New Headbands for Working Out: UrbanHalo #Exercise #Fitness


A couple of samples came in the mail last month from UrbanHalo, a company that makes fun patterned headbands and accessories.  I immediately put them to use at the gym. I wear a headband every time I run or workout. I have lots of random stray hairs (no bangs) that I can't stand getting in my face so you'll never see me exercising without one. … [Read more...]

Best V-Day Gift EVER: For the Geek

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 6.56.58 PM

LOVE this.  LOVE LOVE.  Who wants real roses that will just die?  This 8-Bit Rose is only $9.99 on ThinkGeek.com and hysterical!  Such a great Valentine's Day Gift. … [Read more...]

10 Books You Need to Read in 2014 #BookClub


I read up a storm during the month of December.  I think it was holiday procrastination or something.  I've been trying hard to break out of my "norm" for book choices and I think I've done a good job doing that - and really enjoyed some books I wouldn't normally pick up! Being in a new book club has helped too since the host picks the book.  I … [Read more...]