My New Favorite Budget Lipstick

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There's some make-up in my daily routine that just lasts and lasts. {Like my Nars Orgasm Stick, that product just keeps on ticking for months and is well worth the money!} Lipsticks are NOT lasting in my house. Mostly, I lose them. But also I wear them out a ton. Recently, I dropped one right after buying it and it broke. Buying lipsticks... … [Read more...]

The Best Weekend Getaway Bags

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This is officially the slowest week ever! I'm headed on Friday to the Lodge at Woodloch with some friends and I can. not. wait! While I have trouble focusing on work, I thought I'd tie in my weekend getaway to a post themed about a girls weekend - the weekend tote or getaway bag! Going away for a quick night or two and looking for something … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Winter Storm Prep List.

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Besides the obvious bread and milk, what do you have on your list for when a big storm hits? Bread and Milk funny: So what do you really need? Are you really going to starve without bread and milk? Here's my two cents on storm prep. We're expecting about a foot of snow here in Philly (maybe more?) this weekend: up to 2 feet for those of you … [Read more...]

Have You Guys Heard of LuLaRue?

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Last week, I went to a LuLaRue party with my friend Zareen. I had never really heard of the company or the clothes but Zareen had me when she described it as a clothing company that makes "comfy leggings." I tagged along to an open house at one of her friend's houses. LuLaRoe is a pretty new company (2013) and their schtick is comfortable … [Read more...]

DIY Immune Support Sleep Salve w/Essential Oils

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DIY Immune Support Sleep Salve Got this one from a friend. Very relaxing! I've really been getting into using Essential Oils lately (more on that in a future post!) and want to try this out! Makes about 16 ounces of sleep salve. Items Needed: 1 cup coconut oil 1 cup olive oil 4 tablespoons grated beeswax Equal parts … [Read more...]

Scarf Love #FashionFriday

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Wellllll, I think I can say that fall has finally hit us here in Philadelphia. We have been totally lucky with lingering summer temps but this week is the week it finally started feeling like fall weather. It's in the low 50s in the morning and can get up to the mid 70s in the afternoon but there's definitely a chill in the air early and late in … [Read more...]

Big Stella & Dot News {Well, Big For Me} #FashionFriday Plus 50% off When You Spend $50 Deal #MomMixer

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I've been wearing Stella & Dot for years now and have spent God-knows-how-much money on jewelry and purses. I'm addicted! I've been to many parties with different hosts and many have commented how I should be selling it since I know so much and buy so much of the line. But I'm TOTALLY not a direct sales person so I have always said no. I … [Read more...]

Philly Friends: Join Me For Great Clothes & Fun at UNIQLO Thursday Night {Plus, Some Looks I Styled} #whereuniqlo #uniqlomontgomery #uniqlophilly


Have you guys heard of UNIQLO? They are a Japanese clothing company that is huge in Japan that has somewhat recently come to the States. I say somewhat recently because they have actually be here since 2005 with a few stores having opened but it was a bit of a soft launch until recently. They are doing so well that they have started expanding like … [Read more...]

My Fav New On-Demand Show: Orphan Black #CloneClub #FIOSPhilly

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I'm a chronic tv-show binge watcher. Ever since the evolution of tv technology and all the streaming shows available, I find I get addicted very easily. There's nothing more satisfying than getting to episode 2 or 3 of a show, realizing you're totally hooked and seeing that you have several seasons worth of shows to watch! Yah! I love that … [Read more...]