Valentine’s Day, Stress Sweat & #SecretClinical #ad


This is one of those posts where I feel like people are going to be like, are we really talking about sweating today? Well, we are. Because with the exception of my friend Zareen who weirdly doesn't sweat or ever get hangovers (feel free to hate her for both of those facts), the rest of us sweat. I'm working on a few posts with Secret … [Read more...]

A Girls Getaway Weekend At The Lodge At Woodloch #Travel #Spa #Woodloch

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Last weekend, I went with 3 friends to The Lodge at Woodloch, an all-inclusive spa resort located in eastern Pennsylvania. It's about a three hour drive from Philadelphia and a two hour drive from Manhattan so the Lodge is an ideal spot for a quick weekend get away for us mid-Atlantic folks. We were there celebrating my bestie's 40th and had a … [Read more...]

My New Favorite Budget Lipstick

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There's some make-up in my daily routine that just lasts and lasts. {Like my Nars Orgasm Stick, that product just keeps on ticking for months and is well worth the money!} Lipsticks are NOT lasting in my house. Mostly, I lose them. But also I wear them out a ton. Recently, I dropped one right after buying it and it broke. Buying lipsticks... … [Read more...]

The Best Weekend Getaway Bags

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This is officially the slowest week ever! I'm headed on Friday to the Lodge at Woodloch with some friends and I can. not. wait! While I have trouble focusing on work, I thought I'd tie in my weekend getaway to a post themed about a girls weekend - the weekend tote or getaway bag! Going away for a quick night or two and looking for something … [Read more...]

3 Great Lip Exfoliator Picks {This Is A Fun Product You Need After 40}


  For the last couple of years, I've been waking up with dry, peeling lips in the morning. Not in a chapped lip kind of way but rather a I-can-peel-a-layer-of-skin-off-my-lips way. It's weird. And kind of gross. I drink a lot of water and I use lip moisturizer most days. Also, this happens year round so I was a little stumped as to what was … [Read more...]

50% off Flash Sale at Stella & Dot

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These are super cute and on sale at 50% off until tomorrow at 9 pm ET while supplies last! FLASH SALE!!!!! Act now-- they'll be gone in a flash! Stella & Dot's Lightning Collection is 50% off today and tomorrow only! Lightning Necklace- originally $49 now $24.50 Lightning Hoops- originally $39 now $19.50 Lightning Ring- originally … [Read more...]

6 Neutral Handbag Picks for the Winter Season

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My credit card loves my seasonal purse changing habits. I've recently changed my purse up again to the Stella & Dot that's pictured down below. Can't go wrong with neutral coloring in a handbag since it goes with anything you're wearing. Here's 6 picks for some nice neutral looking handbags that would be great this time of year. Which one is … [Read more...]

I Tried Hello Fresh & Here’s What I Thought {Meal Subscription Box}


One of my New Year goals is to be better about meal planning and meal organization. I'm the first to admit I'm horribly disorganized when it comes to meal planning and cooking. Sometimes I just can't be bothered - looking up a meal, trying to organize my grocery list to make sure I get everything. I always forget somethingand I always end up taking … [Read more...]

New Spring Line from Stella & Dot: Help Me Decide What To Buy!

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There's a new line of goodies out from Stella & Dot for their spring line, for sale starting yesterday! I'm definitely my best client as I'm the only person who ever buys from myself (I signed up in the fall to be a stylist because I'm always buying so much of it myself) and of course this spring line isn't any different. I'll be breaking the … [Read more...]