NEW PRODUCT: Neutrogena Naturals – Earth Friendly & Easy Peasy

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Don't let the 3 out of 5 stars review influence you on this one - that comment came from a guy who says he doesn't wear makeup so he doesn't need that product.  (Funny how he felt the need to comment - it cracked me up actually!)  Neutrogena's new Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes are a new favorite product of mine. … [Read more...]

Apparently I Look Post Menopausal (!!!) & What I Am Doing About It #40 #Skincare

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Last Friday, I went to an overdue annual dermatologist appointment to get a skin check.  Seeing as I have some fairly pale Irish skin and a whole heck of a lot of freckles & moles, I'm technically supposed to be there every 6 months (it had been 18). Knowing that I wasn't going anywhere after my appointment so I didn't put any makeup on. … [Read more...]

The Christmas Pimple

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This Christmas seems more harried than any Christmas have had to date.  The entire month has been a race around the track to get to holiday parties, sports events, bake cookies and do what Moms do when Christmas is impending.  Relax is not in my vocabulary this month and my body started to feel it a few days ago. I first felt that twinge of pain … [Read more...]

The PERFECT Holiday Gift for the Beauty Lover on your Holiday List #BestofBeauty

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Be sure to check back on Mommies with Style, I'll be debuting my 100-holiday pick gift guide full of 100 great products and items for everyone on your holiday gift list! In the meantime, I've seen some awesome items while I've been researching and compiling my list including this fabulous gift set on It is the tarte At a Gloss for … [Read more...]

A New Product from @VaselineBrand Lip Therapy Rosy Lips #BestofBeauty #MomMixer


Earlier this month, Mom Mixer with Vaseline introduced 180 Mom bloggers from the Philadelphia area and beyond to several brands and products.  One of the two products Vaseline brought to the event is a brand new product release, just in time for the cold weather!  It's Vaseline's Lip Therapy Rosy Lips and it's everything you love about the original … [Read more...]

Saving Time w/@VaselineBrand Spray & Go Moisturizer #BestofBeauty #MomMixer

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While I have reviewed and checked out VaselineŽ Spray & GoŽ Moisturizer a few times, I hadn't tested out their Cocoa Radiant scent until this past weekend at Mom Mixer.  If you haven't checked out Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer yet, it's a quick and convenient way to to moisturize.  It sprays on very lightly, you rub it on quickly and … [Read more...]

The Perfect Hair Bun with The @SarahPotempa WRAP UP #BestofBeauty

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It doesn't look like much, right?  Looking at the picture, would you know what this product was for just by guessing?  I definitely had no clue! This is the Sarah Potempa WRAP UP, $12.00.  Using this product, you can put your hair into the perfect bun.  Really.  I was skeptical too.  I have fine hair that never holds anything so I was amazed at … [Read more...]

Fav Salon-Like Shampoos Under $10 #BestofBeauty

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A long time ago, one of my favorite hairdressers whispered a salon secret to me.  Over a bunch of foils in my hair and as she pointed to the shampoos & other hair care products by "premium" hair care companies for sale at the salon, "you know, these products are great but there are always good products to be found on your drugstore … [Read more...]

Dry, Flaky Lips? Check out LUSH’s Fresh Lip Scrubs #BestofBeauty


My lips are NAAAA-STY this time of year. It seems to have started early this year too but TMI: when I wake up in the morning I literally have flakes of dried skin that I have to wipe off my chapped lips. I was in my local LUSH store yesterday and they had some divine lip scrubs right at check out! If you search on Lip Scrub on LUSH, it brings up a … [Read more...]

Josie Maran Argan Exfoliating Powder #BestofBeauty

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The latest beauty product I have been testing is this Argan Exfoliating Powder by Josie Maran ($35,  It's actually a 2013 Customer Choice Beauty Nominee on QVC so you know it's a popular choice!  I was wondering how the whole powder thing would work though.  It's pretty simple really - you are making it by putting a tiny tab of the powder … [Read more...]