Baby Cargo Stroller Review & #Giveaway


There's times you need a big souped up stroller, and there's times you just want a quick umbrella stroller or something small when you're on the go and want something light and fast. We're talking ULTRAlight here. The Baby Cargo Umbrella Stroller weighs less than 15 lbs and folds easily into a nice compact size to fit into the back of your … [Read more...]

2 months old: Using and loving my Baby K’tan wrap!


About 4 years ago, when my son was a newborn, I had a multitude of different slings and wraps that I used to tote him around. I never really got comfortable with any of them, as they were often hard to figure out how to use, difficult to put on in a pinch, and didn't support my baby in a way that made me feel secure. So when I had my third … [Read more...]

Baby K’Tan Breeze: Breathable Baby Wearing

baby ktan

Since my little guy was born I had all intentions of being on the baby wearing train. It just made perfect sense. You got to keep your baby close to you, as well as have the opportunity to be somewhat productive. Win win right? There are a bunch of different types of carriers, and one type I like at this point is the wrap style. The Baby K'tan … [Read more...]

Dry Skin Relief: Aveeno Bath Oil $6.99 at

My boys and I suffer from chronic dry skin this time of year. For whatever reason, Nate's skin has been particularly bad this winter.  He's had cracked dry hands and patches of dry skin I'm tempted to take a pumice stone to since it's so rough. Last night, I had both of my kids soak in the bath and I put in an ample amount of this Aveeno Shower … [Read more...]

ERGObaby Options Carrier: Spice up your Ergobaby Carrier!

For any mama who loves her ERGObaby Carrier, but wishes she could change up the color or design, the new ERGObaby Options Carrier ($110) is for you. It comes in all black base, but you can buy a set of 3 different colors (which will run you around $30) to change up your look. Each cover attaches easily (via snaps) and it makes it easier to match to … [Read more...]

Coffee or Espresso? De’Longhi Lets You Decide


You like lattes. He likes coffee. He wants an Americano. You just want a cup of joe. De'Longhi to the rescue! With their dual coffee-espresso maker (BCO264B), you both can have your morning beverage - and drink it too!. The De'Longhi BCO264B is a three-in-one machine that includes a drip coffee maker, a pump espresso maker and a frothing wand to … [Read more...]

Holiday Card Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of our holiday card giveaway! Bryn, Dani, Christine R, Shannon P, Summer, Susan S, Linda S, Trisha D, Betsy P, Amy E, Linda L, Alison, Kathy P, Angelene, Darcy B, Elizabeth K, Terry and Lisa G. Check your inbox for an email on how to claim your prize. And get started on those cards - it's already … [Read more...]