Protect Your Children & Your Peace of Mind with Net Nanny {Plus Exclusive 20% Off Coupon Code} #MomMixer


Technology comes with manyadvantages and while we can all appreciate the convenience of what modern day tech offers our family, I think as parents we can also agree that a lot of caution needs to be exercised with our children and the Internet. It's a whole new world out there for parents. Our parents certainly didn't have this worry! Today's … [Read more...]

Philly Friends: Join Me For Great Clothes & Fun at UNIQLO Thursday Night {Plus, Some Looks I Styled} #whereuniqlo #uniqlomontgomery #uniqlophilly


Have you guys heard of UNIQLO? They are a Japanese clothing company that is huge in Japan that has somewhat recently come to the States. I say somewhat recently because they have actually be here since 2005 with a few stores having opened but it was a bit of a soft launch until recently. They are doing so well that they have started expanding like … [Read more...]

What A Day! Recap of the Holiday Mom Mixer 2015 with Mabel’s Labels & More #MomMixer

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Last Saturday, Colleen and I hosted our 6th Mom Mixer, a social media event for bloggers and brands in Philadelphia. I always feel a little like a proud Mama in the days following our events - it's always such a big to-do and it's a fabulous feeling to have pulled off another successful one. In my mind, it's successful when the brands are happy … [Read more...]

You’re Not Alone: #VioletDaily Helps This PMS Issue That Most Women Think They Have to Grin & Bear

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Let's talk about the girls today. Your girls. Are you guys following me? Okay, boobs. We're talking about boobs today. There I said it! Have a giggle and now let's move on and talk seriously. (Or maybe I'm the only one giggling. Product of having two tween boys at the moment...) So this isn't my usual post but it's definitely one many of us … [Read more...]

Maisie in Her Puppy Halloween Costume from T.J. Maxx


I finally have my girl! My boys are going to kill me but I couldn't resist trying on this ballerina costume from T.J. Maxx on my newest baby girl, 4-month old border collie mix Maisie. I'll tell you guys, getting it on her was a FEAT. And posing? Well I'm patting myself on the back for having distracted with treats and having gotten these photos. I … [Read more...]

My Fav New On-Demand Show: Orphan Black #CloneClub #FIOSPhilly

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I'm a chronic tv-show binge watcher. Ever since the evolution of tv technology and all the streaming shows available, I find I get addicted very easily. There's nothing more satisfying than getting to episode 2 or 3 of a show, realizing you're totally hooked and seeing that you have several seasons worth of shows to watch! Yah! I love that … [Read more...]

Find Your Next Best Of the Best Product with Product of the Year

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There's a lot of blogs and a lot of product reviews all over the place these days. It's hard to know what's legit, even for a blogger like myself. But here's a way you can find your next consumer product and know that it's tried and true in a non-sponsored way: Product of the Year. Product of the Year is the worlds largest consumer-voted award … [Read more...]

Hipster Barbie is Pretty Funny, Wonder What She Would Think of My #Authentic But Crazy Feed

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A friend shared this viral Instagram feed over the weekend - check outSocality Barbieif you want to be highly amused at a satirical poke at the modern day Instagram user. The whole Fakebook/perfect Instagram feed thing doesn't really bother me. My feed will never be perfect - there's crazy kids and pets and all sorts of real life family stuff … [Read more...]

Toy Review: Last Bit of Summer Fun with Bunch O Balloons


We had way too much fun playing with Zuru's Bunch O' Balloons when we were visiting my parents in North Carolina earlier in August. Looking to have some last minute summer fun while it's still warm out? This is the toy for your kiddos. What can I say? Water balloons are fun for all ages but filling them up and tying them can be a PITA. … [Read more...]