Snowed In: The Game that Passed the Time – Bellz!

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Since Mother Nature decided to dump 30 inches on our little neck of the woods over the weekend, we've had a lot of indoor family bonding time. Thankfully the power held steady so there was Wifi for us all to pass the time in a variety of ways but when the kids weren't jumping in snow banks or playing Minecraft, they were looking for fun things to … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Winter Storm Prep List.

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Besides the obvious bread and milk, what do you have on your list for when a big storm hits? Bread and Milk funny: So what do you really need? Are you really going to starve without bread and milk? Here's my two cents on storm prep. We're expecting about a foot of snow here in Philly (maybe more?) this weekend: up to 2 feet for those of you … [Read more...]

Dear Readers: I’m Too Busy Obsessing Over Netflix’s How to Make A Murderer

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While I'm only 4 episodes in, I can not stop obsessing over this documentary series on Netflix that has everyone talking lately! Are you watching or have you watched? If youare a Serial podcast fan, this is so for you. Like peeling an onion, this story has so many layers I don't even know what's what at this point. The story follows Steven … [Read more...]

Your Next Book Club Book – This is Seriously a MUST READ

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Every now and then, I finish a book that's so good, I'm just blown away. I spend days reeling over how it all, picking apart the plot, reading reviews online and mourning the fact that I'm done with the story. It had been awhile since a book had really ripped me to my core but the Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah, did just that for me over Christmas … [Read more...]

Tasty Wine That Won’t Give You A Hangover: Mia Rosa

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Anyone who knows me, knows I love my wine. And being a lightweight, it doesn't take much for me to have a big old headache the next day. So I was intrigued to learn more when I recently learned aboutMia Rosa wines - a lower in alcohol wine. It's an Italian wine that has recently come to the states. They have a Moscato (white) and Dolce Rosso … [Read more...]

Stocking Up on My Fav Fridge Photo Magnets w This Buy One, Get One Half Off Deal!

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People comment on my Sticky9 photo magnets on our fridge all of the time. Sticky9 creates cute little square photos for you at a reasonable price! It's $15.99 for a sheet of 6 photos and they are adorable on the fridge. They used to only offer it off Instagram but I noticed in creating my magnets today that you can also connect to Facebook and … [Read more...]

Happy New Year! Some Quickie Resolution Starting Points

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Happy New Year everyone! I took the last week or so off from blogging to just enjoy some family downtime and it's been blissful. We went down to North Carolina to visit my parents and ended up enjoying some unseasonably warm weather and spent several days on the beach! Heaven. Just enough sunshine to hopefully get me through the next couple of … [Read more...]

A First Time Experience with


While I've known about for years and often thought about trying out their service, I had never actually pulled the trigger until this month. I knew I had a swank Christmas party to attend and thought I would plan ahead and give it a shot. And that's the first thing I need to comment - you need to plan ahead. I placed my … [Read more...]

Not Your Mother’s Hot Chocolate with @InDelight #ShareYourDelight #Ad


Whoa... nelly. This new product is awesome. You guys are familiar with International Delight, right? They make tasty coffee creamers. Well they nave a new product - International Delight Hot Chocolate. It's not for coffee at all - it's just straight ol good-fashioned hot chocolate. It comes in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate. How … [Read more...]