60% off a Subscription at Cricket Magazine PLUS TWITTER PARTY Tonight 9pmET #giftofreading

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Looking for a last minute idea?  I have a kick-butt coupon code for you guys on a magazine subscription!!  You can use coupon code 360AM5 to receive 60% off a print and digital subscription and for print only it will get you 40% off. We love our subscription to Dig Magazine, a magazine devoted to featuring cool history and archaeology articles … [Read more...]

Top Pregnancy Trends & Insight into the 2015 Conception Season

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This cracks me up, but did you guys know that the most popular birthday month is September?  You know what that says about the holidays, right?  Mom & Dad are feelin' the love at holiday time!  In fact, the 10 most common birthrates can be tracked down to conception dates between December 17th and December 31st, making the most common date … [Read more...]

#GoldEmblem Twitter Party TONIGHT 8pET Hosts @ClassyMommy @WhitneyMWS @CVS_Extra

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Join TONIGHT at 8 pm ET for a fun #GoldEmblem Twitter party that I'm co-hosting! Colleen and I will be giving way lots of Gold Emblem goodies including those pictured above. This time of year, it's always good to have extra snacks and items you can have on hand to either bring as a hostess goodie or when you are hosting a holiday party yourself. … [Read more...]

Neutrogena Twitter Party TODAY 3pmET & My New Fav Product of Theirs! #BeautyWonderland

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People, getting old isn't for the weak!  I remember hearing about anti-aging products when I was in my twenties and thinking, "I won't need those - I'll grow old gracefully and accept my wrinkles." WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU YOUNG FOOL is all I can say to my twenty something self.   Today, I'm all about minimizing the crows feet around … [Read more...]

The Truth About Santa.

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Last night, Nate, who just turned 11 this week, called me into his room. "Mom, is Santa real?" One would think that with an 11-year-old, I was expecting this conversation (especially considering that I was 8 when I found out!).  Naively, I was hoping to push the magic another season or two. My first reaction, "of course he's real.... … [Read more...]

Twitter Party TODAY 2pmET #WowCup #Prizing Includes Walmart Gift Cards! Hosts @WhitneyMWS @ClassyMommy

Little did I know that when my kids were introduced to WowCups at Mom Mixer in November that they would become my boys drink cups of choice from there on out!  My boys are 8 and 11 so we're beyond sippy cups but we're certainly not beyond spills. The Wow Cup is an ingenious product that prevents spillage when the cup is tipped thanks to some … [Read more...]

Ignore the Crowds & Stay Home to Shop This Holiday with ShopRunner

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Do you guys know about ShopRunner.com? I knew very little about them before looking into them for this post. In a nutshell, ShopRunner is a very easy way for you to shop online and receive free 2-day shipping (like Amazon Prime membership), free return shipping and member-only deals that are special to you and better than you can get directly at … [Read more...]

Portable North Pole: FREE & Premium Personalized Videos from Santa for Your Child

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Are you guys familiar with Portable North Pole? I had checked them out last year when I made a video for my boys using their website. You plug in your child's name, some personal info and you'll get a personalized video of Santa talking to your child. Such a fun way to get into the spirit!  It's really kind of magical and so very 2014 to have your … [Read more...]

December 2nd is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day #ShelterPetLove #GivingTuesday


Just a quickie to say that December 2nd is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day! Of all the pets in American homes, only 29% were adopted from a shelter or rescue. Each year approximately 3-4 million pets are adopted, but 2.7 million still lose their lives each year for lack of a home. Please consider adopting your next pet from a shelter, there are so … [Read more...]

Join at 1pmET Today for #HasbroHoliday Twitter Party w/@WhitneyMWS @ClassyMommy @HasbroNews


Who loves talking about HOT toys for the holiday season? Join our #HasbroHoliday party at 1 pm EST on today hosted by myself, @WhitneyMWS and Colleen from @ClassyMommy. We’ve got tons of amazing hot holiday toy giveaways and can’t wait to share the scoop on the latest new hot toys from Hasbro with our guests. #HasbroHoliday Twitter Party … [Read more...]