Monday Munchies: Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups Recipe

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Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups Makes about 24 mini muffin tin cookies or 12 if using regular muffin tins Ingredients: 1 package Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough cup heavy whipping cream 2 tablespoons hot cocoa mix 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips white buttercream frosting 12 mini pretzels 1 cup Jet-Puffed Mallow Bits Directions: … [Read more...]

30 Day Trial of HBO NOW w/Verizon FIOS – Good Streaming Options Post Turkey! #FIOSPhilly

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Man, I am so excited for Thanksgiving. I have 16 people coming to our house this year for turkey dinner on Thursday. I make the same thing every Thanksgiving and Christmas - all the food I wouldn't indulge with the rest of the year. I can't wait! Then there's the whole post-dinner thing where you're stuffed, satisfied and looking to camp out on … [Read more...]

Raymour & Flanigan: The Big Reveal of Our New Dining Room #RFBloggers


I used to have this dining room. It had a table. Some chairs. A couple of pieces of wall art. And it was okay. I'm going to say the best word to describe it was this: functional. We had meals in there, some adult game nights. While there was nothing too special about but I liked it well enough. Years went by and I thought it was time for a … [Read more...]

Snapple Straight Up Tea: Straight Up Tasty! #ad

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Any of you guys Snapple fans? What about Iced Tea? If you are, you'll be interested to hear that Snapple has a new product - Snapple Straight Up Tea. It comes in three options: Unsweetened with 0 calories, Sorta Sweet with 90 calories and Sweet with 180 calories. This one was a post for my husband Jon. He's a huge iced tea fan and drinks it … [Read more...]

My Week with a Toyota Highlander & Our Trip to a Local Orchard


We're in the market for a new car. I've been over the whole minivan thing for years; especially being a Mom of only two kids! I've been on the hunt for the right SUV for us for awhile as I'd like to trade in our minivan. I know I still want a third row and still need plenty of storage space since we road trip a lot. So when I got an email from … [Read more...]

Fall Looks with UNIQLO For the Whole Family #whereUNIQLO


Before I hosted an event at my local UNIQLO a couple of weeks ago, I had not heard of the retailer. Since then, I've become a fan. UNIQLO's clothes are trendy, stylish and affordable. I wanted to call out a couple of products & looks with them in this week's Fashion Friday. To start, when I was at my UNIQLO, I picked up a Heattech … [Read more...]

Dream on Me: Insanely Gorgeous Cribs At An Affordable Price #MomMixer

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They did not have awesome cribs like this when my boys were babies! I would have absolutely adored having one of these colorful cribs in my boys' nurseries when they were little - just take a look at the great colors and beautiful simple designs in these Dream On Me cribs that were at Mom Mixer earlier in October: Aren't those just … [Read more...]


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Wanted to share a few pictures of our car from Truck-or-Treat last Friday night at my son's school. We've been going to Trunk-Or-Treat for the past few years and it's such a blast. For those not familiar with the concept - you decorate your car trunk and then the kiddos can trick or treat from car to car in a parking lot. People get really into … [Read more...]