Words of Inspiration, and Change, from Donald Driver at #DisneySMMoms

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Today's post will deviate from my usual.  These thoughts are inspired by Donald Driver, who you may know as a former Wide Receiver for the Green Bay Packers. These were my first thought when I heard he was speaking: Fun!  Donald Driver!  I loved him on my Fantasy Football team when he played!  Yay Football! Yah Green Bay Packers! What I didn't … [Read more...]

Hello from @Disneyland! #DisneySMMoms

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Just a couple of fun photos that I wanted to share from Anaheim and our visit to Disneyland with the Disney Social Media Moms conference!  I'm writing today from the conference while Jon and the kids are off in the California Adventure Park doing their thing.  Clearly they're having a terrible time missing me - here they are on the Radiator Springs … [Read more...]

Don’t You Forget About Me… {On Facebook}


You may or may not have seen this on Facebook lately: Facebook is going through some changes and none of them are good for a website owner like myself who has a great Facebook fan page with over 7,000 people liking my page (love you guys! Thank you!). Unfortunately, it's becoming the norm that pretty much no one except my Mom sees my posts when … [Read more...]

Privacy in the Delivery Room. {This Story Blew My Mind!}

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A couple of days ago, I was listening to my local radio station in the morning at the bus stop with my kids.  The DJs were talking about a news story out of New Jersey.  Basically a New Jersey Judge ruled that a woman in New Jersey has a right to keep the father out of the delivery room when she's giving birth.  I was all, wait what?  This is a law … [Read more...]

I Get Older; They Get Stronger

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We've been doing a lot of family skiing this winter - more than any winter previously, and as of this weekend's latest day trip, my boys (10 & 7) are officially better skiers than I am. It happened quickly:  At the beginning of this season we still  had them on beginner slopes and hubby and I each had to pair off with a kid to make sure they … [Read more...]

Excuse Me While I Play in the Sun & Never Come Home #Florida #MarcoIsland

A margarita on Marco Island

Normally I'm pretty organized about what post I want to do on which day here on Mommies with Style.  But as I type this, it's Sunday afternoon and I'm looking out from our oceanfront hotel room at the Marriott on Marco Island in Florida and my mind is a big 'ol blank. It's been a brutal winter back home in Philly and I didn't realize just how … [Read more...]

Without Power. #Philly

Our white birch tree in our backyard which has now broken in half thanks to the ice storm.

Our house is currently without power and last I checked, the temp was somewhere in the mid-50s and dropping quickly. We've been in the same house for 12 years and we've been lucky on the power outage front. Our neighborhood has only lost power once for a few days and that was during the summer when we were out of town. Every other time we've … [Read more...]

Top 10 for 2013


Hey all.  Sorry I've been so MIA!  This holiday time is always tough for me - I really need to get better about scheduling posts.  All I want to do is hang with my family and blogging is the last thing on my mind! But as the last of the wrapping paper is being cleaned up, I'm getting my mojo back to get some great features back on the site. … [Read more...]

What’s “Healthy” To You? How do you Define Healthy? #AetnaMyHealthy


My Book Club met for our December date last week at my friend Zareen's house.  We were discussing The Interestings (Meg Wolitzer, $16.77 on Amazon) which got pretty good reviews from us all but the conversation that dominated the night was a discussion sponsored by Aetna titled, "What's Your Healthy?" I was tasked to talk to some women about a … [Read more...]

Recap: Holiday #MomMixer w/@VaselineBrand {Nov 2013}


It's Sunday morning and the time change has me up at 5 am. I'm still reeling from an amazing day yesterday. It was our 3rd Mom Mixer - a social media event that I put on together with my business partner Colleen from @ClassyMommy.  This event was the Holiday Mom Mixer with Vaseline. I've been comparing these events a little bit to a wedding … [Read more...]