Turning 40.


Today's my day, people.  THE DAY. Age doesn't bother me all that much normally.  I know a lot of people have a hard time turning 30 and I remember not caring at all.  But for whatever reason, 40 is hitting me.  Hard. I think it's because I really remember my parents turning 40 and I remember thinking, sh*t, that's old.   It's silly, I … [Read more...]

Home From the Epic Road Trip & the Start of Summer (I’m SCAAAARED!)


My kids got out of school for the summer on June 13th but I have a feeling that today is going to feel like the real first day of summer.  Why?  For third year in a row, we took off in the afternoon of the 13th for our annual road trip.  We got back yesterday afternoon.  12 days, 1,500 miles and 6 states.  Over the next couple of days I'll be doing … [Read more...]

How Acupuncture Changed My Life

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Friends in my life ask me all the time about acupuncture.  They know I go regularly and have for years.  I find myself talking about it often - it's amazing how many people are curious about it.   Today, I am sharing my own personal journey with acupuncture.  This story spans from over 7 years of going to acupuncture for both infertility, anxiety … [Read more...]

Welcome back, Jen!

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You guys may remember Jen from After the Alter - she posted here on Mommies with Style a couple of years ago. I actually met her at BlogHer in New York when she was pregnant with her first and she's now pregnant with #2! I'm so excited for her - trying for number 2 definitely wasn't easy and I followed her along on her blog and literally shouted … [Read more...]

When I Remembered That Running is FUN #running #fitness

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A recent pitch informed me that the Color Me Rad Race is coming to Philadelphia. Woo! There are certainly other color runs but the only other one I know going on this summer is on a weekend we're out of town. I have never had a chance to do one before and always wanted to, but they definitely seem like something you need to do with family and/or … [Read more...]

Spring Mom Mixer at the Four Seasons – A HUGE Success! #MomMixer


As usual, I'm pooped post-Mom Mixer! This past Saturday, I co-hosted the 4th Mom Mixer Events.  This time we were at the beautiful Four Seasons in Philadelphia.  It was a gorgeous spring day and we welcomed 150 Mom bloggers from the Philadephia/Jersey/DE & MD regions to come and interact with our brands and see what's hot and new this … [Read more...]

Words of Inspiration, and Change, from Donald Driver at #DisneySMMoms

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Today's post will deviate from my usual.  These thoughts are inspired by Donald Driver, who you may know as a former Wide Receiver for the Green Bay Packers. These were my first thought when I heard he was speaking: Fun!  Donald Driver!  I loved him on my Fantasy Football team when he played!  Yay Football! Yah Green Bay Packers! What I didn't … [Read more...]

Hello from @Disneyland! #DisneySMMoms

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Just a couple of fun photos that I wanted to share from Anaheim and our visit to Disneyland with the Disney Social Media Moms conference!  I'm writing today from the conference while Jon and the kids are off in the California Adventure Park doing their thing.  Clearly they're having a terrible time missing me - here they are on the Radiator Springs … [Read more...]

Don’t You Forget About Me… {On Facebook}


You may or may not have seen this on Facebook lately: Facebook is going through some changes and none of them are good for a website owner like myself who has a great Facebook fan page with over 7,000 people liking my page (love you guys! Thank you!). Unfortunately, it's becoming the norm that pretty much no one except my Mom sees my posts when … [Read more...]

Privacy in the Delivery Room. {This Story Blew My Mind!}

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A couple of days ago, I was listening to my local radio station in the morning at the bus stop with my kids.  The DJs were talking about a news story out of New Jersey.  Basically a New Jersey Judge ruled that a woman in New Jersey has a right to keep the father out of the delivery room when she's giving birth.  I was all, wait what?  This is a law … [Read more...]