January Goal: Decluttering My House

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Taking a few days off over the holidays while I was on vacation was such a gift for me.  Lately I feel like life is just zooming by - my kids are getting older and our schedule is crazier.  Every day I just race through the motions of doing laundry, making lunches, blogging, running errands, hitting the gym, you name it.  I don't have much time to … [Read more...]

The 20-Year Evolution of a New Years Resolution

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Back in college and when I was in my early twenties, I distinctly remember making the cliche "lose weight" New Years Resolution.  I also remember New Years Day rolling around and after too much debauchery the night before, I'd end up eating some big greasy lunch to help my hangover and proclaiming myself an idiot for already having botched the … [Read more...]

Vacation, Blog-Free Time & the Outer Banks for New Years #RandomPost


In ten years of blogging, I can't say that I've ever gone this radio silent for so long. The time between Christmas and New Years is always traditionally quiet - everyone's maxed out from the holidays, including me, but not like this. This year, right after Christmas, I went to the Outer Backs with some friends on a trip we've done several times … [Read more...]

A Guilt-Free Guide to Holiday Eating

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My friend Rachel originally posted this in our local paper {The Daily Local} on Christmas Eve.  I'm a little late to the game sharing but she gave me permission to repost and I thought it had some really good tips regarding overeating during the holidays.  First off, you did NOT gain as much as you think.  As we enter into New Years and everyone … [Read more...]

The Truth About Santa.

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Last night, Nate, who just turned 11 this week, called me into his room. "Mom, is Santa real?" One would think that with an 11-year-old, I was expecting this conversation (especially considering that I was 8 when I found out!).  Naively, I was hoping to push the magic another season or two. My first reaction, "of course he's real.... … [Read more...]

Damnit, It’s Cold! Comfort Clothes for Frigid Days. #FashionFriday

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It's November, yo.  Which means you guys get to hear me whine, complain and stomp my feet toddler style about the cold weather for the next several months.  The last day or two have felt particularly cold to me here in Philly.  The temp may be 47 but it's one of those bitter-to-your-bones cold. I'm supposed to be running a 5k early Saturday. … [Read more...]

How Do You Sleep at Night? Back Sleeper? Stomach? {Stiff Neck Woes}


Late last week, I woke up in excrutiating pain in my neck.  It was literally out of the blue.  I woke up around 1 am with shooting pains.  I was really out of it and spent the rest of the night half awake/half asleep thinking I had just pinched my neck and would be fine once I woke up.  At some point, I shuffled to the bathroom and took a couple of … [Read more...]

5th #MomMixer Complete! Thanks to @CVS_Extra, my biz partner @ClassyMommy & My Family


Mom Mixer is an event I co-host in Philadelphia semi-annually with my business partner Colleen Padilla from Classy Mommy. We invite brands to come to our hometown of Philly to showcase their latest products and to meet with our fabulous east coast bloggers.   Yesterday I hosted the 2014 Holiday Mom Mixer at the Franklin Institute. Another Mom … [Read more...]

I’m Such a Mom of Boys: Photos from Monster Jam #MonsterJam

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So we headed to the Wells Fargo Center in Philly last night to see Monster Jam. (There's a sentence my 20-year-old self would not think she would ever say!) With two boys, watching big trucks do loud and crazy things is right up our family's alley.  I bet all you Moms of girls-only are super jealous that I got to do this, right? So I wanted to … [Read more...]

Did You Guys See this Video? “Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial”

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The title of this video sounds so awful but when I saw 3 different friends share this on Facebook, I clicked through because I knew there had to be something beyond what the title implied. I love this girl and the angle she took on delivering her message with this video. Just watch and appreciate. … [Read more...]