Exercises You Can Do Barefoot

My family recently went on a 12-day road trip and vacation. And what did Mrs. Smartypants do when packing for that 12 day road trip? She FORGOT HER RUNNING SHOES. For real. {Insert the face palm} I could NOT believe it when we got to Charleston (10 hours south of our house) and I went to unpack and realized that my running shoes were sitting my closet back in Philadelphia. I had used them for a run the day we left and I was sneaker-less. In fact, I had only flip flops for my entire trip which stunk the big one when we did a bunch of sightseeing and walked around Williamsburg later in the week.

But anyway. I put it out on Facebook that I was looking for some exercises that I could do barefoot and a bunch of fitness buff friends responded with various circuit training options that I was able to do barefoot. Not only was I able to do these barefoot but I was SORE after doing them!

The following is the 8-minute workout I followed. I did it a few times around. Do it as long as you can – 8 minutes is better than nothing, 16 minutes better than 8… etc!



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      Thanks Anna! I had never really done it before and am glad I have something I can do again if I ever find myself out of town and shoeless again!


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