Giveaway & Twitter Party with Bertolli next Tuesday, 8-10 pm ET #Bertolli

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m co-hosting an awesome Twitter party next Tuesday night with Bertolli.  Who doesn’t like fine Italian food?  We’ll be having a virtual progressive dinner with Chef Fabio Viviani and Colleen from Classy Mommy. 

The details are below – we’re going to have some great giveaways so please come and join!  And if you can’t join next Tuesday, be sure and enter the giveaway below!

Join Bertolli and Chef Fabio Viviani for a Virtual Italian Dinning Experience
This Tuesday, August 9 from 7 pm – 9 pm CT
Where: On Twitter, Tweet using #Bertolli and follow @Bertolli @FabioViviani @ClassyMommy and @WhitneyMWS

Giveaways: During the party, Classy Mommy and Mommies with Style will be giving away Italian culinary prizes so you can have your own Bertolli Italian Dinning Experience at home!

Here’s a list of some of the amazing prizes that will be given away:

Bertolli® Products (4 Winners)
Two Bertolli® Tasting Certificates good to redeem one free Bertolli® frozen meal each
Bottle Bertolli® Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Bertolli® apron

Pasta Bowl Set for Two (2 Winners)
Bertolli® Tasting Certificate
Bottle Bertolli® Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Set of two Square Plates and Pasta Serving Bowl

Wine Tasting Kit (2 Winners)
Bertolli® Tasting Certificate
Bottle Bertolli® Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Wine Carafe
Two Wine Glasses
Wine Shower Funnel

Cheese Club Kit (2 Winners)
Bertolli® Tasting Certificate
Bottle Bertolli® Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Monthly shipment or artisanal cheeses for three months

You can also win your own Bertolli® Italian Dinner set right now!

Mommies with Style Giveaway:  Tweet or comment below with a question about Italian food or dining that you want @FabioViviani to answer during the party. One lucky winner will receive the following:

Tasting Certificate
Espresso Machine
2 Espresso Cups and Saucers
CD of Italian music to set the mood
Wine Aerator
Cavit Wine Rebate


  1. Shawn says

    I love Italian food, but would love to know if there is a low calorie way of eating it so I don’t have to feel guilty.


  2. says

    I would ask for ways to make American Italian food more authentically Italian. What are some traditional Italian ingredients and cooking styles that are largely missing from mainstream American Italian fare?

  3. Gena says

    Are there any general rules for wine that are easy to remember? Red with these foods and white with those, etc.

  4. Steph says

    Should meatballs be added to the sauce during cooking, or are they to be added to the top of the dish when serving?

  5. says

    I have another question for Fabio – this one is from my Mother ( who by the way is pretty good in the kitchen). She wanted me to ask you a question about how to season tomato sauce. She uses Fresh Basil & Italian seasoning but wants to know what would you recommend? Also, when making meatballs – do you use Parmesan cheese or Romano cheese? Thank you – you’re the best Fabio ;-)oxoxox

  6. says

    I would like to know ….what is the difference between regular Olive oil, Virgin Olive oil, and Extra Virgin Olive oil.

    @zebastyandylan :)

  7. Deb K says

    My question would be, Is it really wrong to rinse pasta before adding the sauce?


  8. says

    I would love to know….is there a way to make whole grain pasta seem a little less grainy and more smooth and tender? Thanks @FabioViviani!


  9. Hadlee Goldberg says

    I want to know how to prepare dishes at home that are prepared in a broiler or pizza over with the normal appliances we have at home. I can’t get the same using my broiler in my over and miss the crispness of the breading or cheese broil on baked dishes.

  10. Alison T. says

    I would like to ask for an easy Italian recipe that I can make fast and that is kid friendly. Are there any out there?

    supaflychikenpi2 AT gmail DOT com

  11. Nick H. says

    @FabioViviani, what is your #1 spice to use in Italian food? I love to use fennel, and a lot of people don’t, do you?

  12. Amanda ODair (@beeacutie2) says

    I would love to know would you rather cook with whole gain paste or wheat paste and why? @beeacutie2

  13. Kristen M says

    I would love to know what wine would go best with pesto. Also, does authentic Italian food use as much cheese as the Americanized versions?

  14. Vicki D. says

    We are trying to eat healthier, so my question is how can I make whole grain pasta taste better? Do I use more spices, or what?

  15. Holly T says

    Looking forward to the chat. @teardrop4emr Here is my question:

    What protein is most versitile when it comes to Italian cooking?

  16. says

    I’m in the chat participating but will ask Fabio where the best Italian restaurant is in LA. I bet he will name his own! (never been to either)

  17. says

    I’m trying to use more whole grain pasta in my meals, in order to provide a healthier, fiber-rich meal experience for my family. But I understand that some sauces don’t hold up as well to the graininess of a whole grain pasta. Are there sauces that you believe are better for whole grain pasta? Or sauces I should keep to the regular kind?

  18. says

    I’d love some low fat, high fiber recipes using Bertolli products. Also, what wine is best with Bertolli Arrabiatta sauce? I want a wine that fits well with the spice! @DinaJ on Twitter

  19. Debbie Rh. says

    I was wondering: I really don’t care for red wine except to cook with; I am more of a white wine kind of girl. Is there a white wine that goes with most Italian meals? I am not very wine-savvy. Thank you for your answer :o)))


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