Juno Baby: The Next Baby Einstein?

My son is obsessed with TV and videos. Though I am not proud to admit it, I love seeing how happy he is watching his favorite DVDs and videos and how he learns new things from them.
I recently got a hold of Indie’s Great Teddy Bear Hunt, made by Juno Baby. I had my doubts, since this DVD was not a “Baby Einstein” or Thomas the Train. But when we started watching, my son was immediately taken by the DVD. The characters were bright and colorful, the animation was great, and the music was fabulous! The music is all original and performed by actual orchestral musicians. And the puppets took me back to my Fraggle-Rock days (they are performed by a Fraggle-Rock alum). They spoke directly to my son in a clear and engaging manner. We were both hooked!
In addition to the great DVDs, Juno Baby also offers CDs and adorable apparel featuring the lovable characters found in their series. The clothing line is soft and comfortable, perfect for my toddler!
Watch a preview of the DVD online or purchase any Juno Baby product and save 10% by using code RWC29.

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