Life in the Backseat with Subaru #SubaruBackSeat

Does the backseat of your car have a story? I know if our backseat could share, it would be full of all sorts of crazy family moments as we’ve logged a lot of time in our car on various road trips! I did a video last year on various road trip entertainment for kids based on what we do but we’re always playing a game/watching a movie/being silly.

Subaru has compiled a bunch of family YouTube videos of backseat moments – they picked their favorites and listed them on their YouTube channel. Here’s one I thought was fun – a bunch of girls having a disco party in their backseat while the car goes through a tunnel. This is something that we’d do in our car for sure!

Which one of these videos resonates with you the most and is most like your family’s backseat experience? Visit the Subaru Forester Homepage to go answer and enter to win $1000 from Subaru!



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