Minecraft Toys from Jazwares #TimetoPlay

Yesterday I brought you a review from my trip to New York last week and day with Time to Play, a holiday toy expo and showcase.

Imagine my happiness when I came across the Jazwares booth – full of Minecraft toys!  They had some great plush Minecraft characters like this Enderman and Creeper:


You can get the plush Minecraft toys from Jazwares on Amazon but you will also notice that they have a brand new Minecraft toy that released this month.  Here’s a picture from the Jazwares booth – you see the plush but also these cardboard toys:


The cardboard toys are the Minecraft Sets you see on that Amazon link I provided – what’s neat is that they have to be built, right up the alley of a Minecraft fan!

The sets are showing up as anywhere from $9.99 – $47.99 for me today but give it some time – I know the toy just released and I hope the prices will come down and average out.  Either way, these are fun and unique Minecraft toys for the Minecraft fan in your house!


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