New #Beauty Products for Your Man!: Aveeno Men #BestofBeauty

Why should women get all the good products, right?  Aveeno has recently debuted a new line of Men’s Skin Care Products.  We’re big fans of Aveeno here for both the kids and myself so I was psyched to have hubby try out some of the new men’s line.

He tried out the Shave Gel ($3.99) and the Face Wash ($5.99) and liked them both a lot!  They are both fragrance free so if you have a guy with a sensitive face, these products are a great option for him.  Also feel like these are nice options for teenage boys… as I have one entering puberty, I find that a lot of the men’s products have mature smells (ie something that a DAD should smell like, not a young boy) so I really like this fragrance free option.

Look for the new line in your local drugstore or supermarket or find out where you can buy them online at



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