Plus Sized Models Are a Size 6-14? Seriously?

Have you guys seen these photos from a photo shoot with a Plus Sized Model (Katya Zharkova) and “Regular Sized” model?  It’s been all over the Internet over the last 24 hours.

This piece in the Daily Mail (UK) (Note – if you click there is some mild nudity – may not be appropriate for work) shows off photos and talks about the reason behind the photo shoot.  Mainly it’s to show the difference between a “Regular Model” (extremely thin) to what a Plus Sized Model is.  (She’s a 12).

A lot of the article shocked me but what really brought my eyeballs out was this quote, ‘The majority of plus-size models on agency boards are between a size 6 and 14, while the customers continue to express their dissatisfaction.’That’s kind of insane in my opinion. I think it’s pretty sad that a size 6 is considered a plus size by modeling agencies.

Obviously each person is different but what do you think?  And do these photos shock you?


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    I don’t want to look at the photos, but I would consider plus sized as something you need to go to the “Women’s” section for. I have been plus sized my whole adult life, and know that I have to go to a special section to get my clothes. I think if your BM is under 30, you probably shouldn’t be posing in a plus sized magazine.

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      That’s such a good way of determining it! If it were based on BMI b/c then it would clearly be based on health/height/other factors rather than the size/label on clothes

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    I don’t normally talk about this…
    But, when I was in Chicago I did plus size modeling. I was a size 10/12/14 (I..ahem..was a size 8 for like 2 weeks in my life then all bets were off. hahaha).

    I watched an agent beat down a woman who TOTALLY didn’t even look like 16 because she allegedly gained 10 pounds. After that experience-I was DONE.

    And that was life of a ‘plus size model’. I can’t even fathom how ‘regular’ models deal.

    Thanks for sharing.


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      Good for you Joey! I can’t even imagine either. Truly. The fact that a size 10 even in any world can be considered “plus size” just blows my mind. And how “regular”models deal… I think they just don’t eat all. Crazy way to live…

    • Stephenie says

      Hi Joey
      I read your comment and I live in Chicago. I would try to do plus modeling in Chicago. I received a couple of jobs from an agency Factor Women/Stewart Talent but nothing major. I was also told the excuse you are too small I am 5’11 and wore 10/12 at the time. The problem is that I am very athletic used to run and have the legs of more of size 6/8. Was all that true or they did not just like my look. Why don’t agents just tell you the truth. I have spend years trying to figure out the plus industry in Chicago, and it has gotten me nowhere. If they like your look couldn’t they just pad you up

  3. Mom-Mom says

    I don’t want to look at the photos either- but I must say my opinion: admittedly sort of ‘oxymoronish’. . is that personally I do feel much better physically when I am thinner. Clothing is more comfortable most definitely. However, with that said: Fashion demands, it seems, that insanely thin is best- and this is what I take issue with. Especially since many young girls are impressionable and are dictated to by these fashion ‘mantras’. . .very often to serious health detriment. I am guessing that the word sensible is not a word in the fashion industry’s vocabulary.

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    This is just another example of how models in general do not represent real women. A women in the real world who is a size 8 or 10 would not be considered plus sized!

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    I guess that makes me a plus size model, which makes me go WTF? b/c i wear a size 5-7 in women s and I’m only 90+ pounds and 5’2 (I got a butt an boobs) lol but it pisses me off that modeling companies do this! B/c its basically calling girls who aren’t a size 3 or smaller fat no matter their height b/c I don’t even think a size 12 in womens is plus size I think that should not be considerd plus size even!!! Check Out my page on facebook called Bring back curvy models here is the link

    • Stephenie says

      You have to remember that the standard is from fashion designers sample sizes. Designers do not like to use a lot of material, so you if you are over 4. It is consider plus size. Every market is different in New York they have some plus girls at a 6 in Chicago that would never fly.

      Plus is Chicago starts at 12 if your even a 10 you are too small.

  6. KarenLynn says

    A size 6 is not plus size. I wear a size 4-8, depending on the designer. I am thin, but am ample on top. What about all of those women who have breast implants? How can they wear a size 0 when there boobs are bigger than mine are? Regular models look anorexic to me. I am 5’6″, and weighed 100 pounds at one time; sick!

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    A size 6 is a fit model size that designers generally use to fit a master pattern for a garment. The average American woman is a size 12/ 14. Unfortunately, the fashion industry has always been way off the mark when it comes to a true woman body. However, designers and clothing manufacturers are now producing “vanity sized” clothing which are much bigger than they were 10 years ago. Today’s size 6 was an 8 in the 90’s and so on.
    A size 6 can be the same actual dimensions as a size 4 or a size 10, depending on the store, designer/brand and fabric.

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