Staples As Your One Stop Tech Shop for Holiday Gifts


Earlier this month, I blogged about going holiday shopping at Staples.  I talked about how traditionally, I had only really thought of Staples as an office supply store.  It's really evolved into so much more. One of the product categories that they've become a superstore for is anything tech-related.  I was in my local store today and truly the … [Read more...]

Father’s Day: Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote


As I mentioned a few days ago, I love Father's Day gifts that I'll appreciate too (what - is that wrong?) and it's a win-win with the Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote. He gets: a fun new gadget to program, play with (hello touchscreen!) and impress his friends with and one less thing to lose You get: a coffee table free of Mt. … [Read more...]

Get In Touch With Your Music: Logitech Touch


I gotta agree with Madonna - "Music makes the people come together." Whether it's dancing around the living room with my kids, setting the mood for a party with holiday songs or making the cleaning go faster with some tunes, I love to have music on in the house. And one of my favorite companies that helps me get my home full of song is Logitech. … [Read more...]

Sale: JBL OnStage, 50% off on Amazon

This is the docking station/speaker set up we have in our kitchen for my iPhone and hubby's iTouch and we just love it. Don't let the size on this JBL OnStage iPod speaker mislead you, it's a powerful little speaker for it's size. We love it because it's so small and easy to move around (and take with us on road trips with the kids) I noticed … [Read more...]

Go Pink with Microsoft’s Wireless Mobile Mouse

I've seen a lot of talk around the blogosphere this month about the exploitation of pink and breast cancer awareness by big brands just looking to make a little cash under the guise of supporting the breast cancer fight and cause.  I'm sure that may be the case with some companies but whatever it is, I'll still support products whose purchase … [Read more...]

Powermat Wireless Charging: Get Rid of the Charger Clutter

I seem to have a lot of mobile devices to keep charged in my home. Keeping all the chargers straight and neat is challenging - Powermat Wireless Charging is a much better way to charge and get rid of all those chargers! We recently tested out several of their products. The Home and Office Mat ($99) is excellent - you can charge up to 3 devices … [Read more...]

Geek Dad Father’s Day Gift: Mimobot Star Wars Flash Drive (plus one to giveaway!)


I can't think of any Dad I know who wouldn't laugh and appreciate this gift: a Mimobot Star Wars USB Flash Memory Drive.  Mimoco makes character designer flash drive - they have Star Wars, Hello Kitty and more. These are just awesome.  Pick from Darth Vader, C3po, a Storm Trooper, Obi-Wan or more for your all your flash drive needs.  Each unit … [Read more...]

I think Mommy likes this game even more than the kids: Animal Crossing for the Wii

Our Wii was off for most of the summer.  We definitely go through waves of being into playing with it or not, but after a couple of rainy days in the past few weeks, we turned it back on.  We were playing a variety of games when Nate asked to pull out an old game we hadn't played much of - Nintendo's Animal Crossing: City Folk.  I had gotten … [Read more...]

DXG: Both an accessory and a camcorder

I most certainly had never thought of a video camera as a fashion accessory until I saw one of the high definition ones from the Luxe Collection by DXG. This High-Definition Video Camera (DXG-533V HD) records 720p HD video, comes with a 3-inch tilt screen and an oh-so-pretty carrying case. And yes, I know you shouldn't select your video … [Read more...]

Making my phone even better with SanDisk products!


When I upgraded my "regular old phone" to a Blackberry last year, I had no idea all of the capabilities that I could add on to my phone. Just recently, I was at my son's camp visiting day, and realized I forgot my video camera. Someone told me I had a video camera on my phone. (I do?! I had no idea!) In addition to the 2MB camera and video camera … [Read more...]