The Bump Nest: A Pregnancy Pillow With Style

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Being 34 weeks pregnant my body is beginning to ache all the time. It is getting harder and harder to find comfortable positions, and that goes double for the night time hours. That is when a pregnancy pillow is a MUST! Finding one that is stylish and comfortable can be difficult, so I am here to help you look no further. The Bump Nest is both … [Read more...]

Mama Mio: Quality Skin Care Products For Pregnant Women

mama mio 1

Anyone who has been pregnant knows that all the fluctuating hormones can wreak havoc on your skin. It's true! Between break outs, dry skin, oily skin, and even changes in skin color women are left feeling like they are going through puberty again. It's just not fair...but it is what it is. That is where Mama Mio skin care products can help. Mama … [Read more...]

Personalizing Your Pregnancy Photos with Belly Snaps iPhone & iPad App


Pregnant?  I thought this was such a cute app worthy of a mention: BellySnaps.  You can take a maternity photo and then use the app to decorate it with cute borders and tag it with how many months pregnant you are! They have cute borders for photo birth announcements too!  Get Belly Snaps on iTunes for $.99   … [Read more...]

Hey Preggos: Taking Your Vitamins? Try Premama to Make it Easy.


I just love the abundance of prenatal products that are available for expecting Moms these days. Where was all this cool stuff when I was pregnant? When I was pregnant with my first, I took these big purple horse pills as a prescribed prenatal vitamin and I wanted to puke for a good half hour after I took them each day. Now pregnant women have … [Read more...]

The Shower Gift I’m Giving: How to Rock Your Baby


There were plenty of things that made me freak out when I was pregnant with my first child. One of those was reading pregnancy books. Those very things that were supposed to be sources of comfort and information turned me into a neurotic mess. This is why I love the new release from Erin Bried -- How to Rock Your Baby. This pregnancy/parenting … [Read more...]

31 weeks pregnant: Getting my act together with an “Organized Life with Baby” (and giveaway!)


There are so many pregnancy and baby books out there that when you are expecting it can be a bit overwhelming. As an expectant mom, I want to know as much as possible, but I don't have a lot of time and need to get the best, most concise info I can. I discovered a great book for any mom-to-be, called One Year to an Organized Life with Baby by … [Read more...]

28 weeks pregnant: Getting the Support I Need with Belevation

At 28 weeks pregnant with my third child, I am pretty big. Yet I am still active chasing my two boys around, working, and trying to stay fit at the gym and playing tennis. However, lately, I have noticed how hard it is wearing my regular underwear and feeling a total lack of support. I happened to have some Belevation undergarments in my drawer … [Read more...]

Mama Mio Bump It Up Pregnancy Style Kit

One of our favorite pregnancy style experts, Amy Tara Koch, just teamed up with Mama Mio to create a pampering kit which includes her wildly popular book, Bump It Up.  The Mama Mio Bump It Up Pregnancy Style Kit. The Kit retails for $60 (an $83 value) and includes: Tummy Rub Butter (for award-winning stretch mark protection) Boob Tube … [Read more...]

Bellybuds: Music To Your Baby’s Ears

belly buds

I have had many people tell me about the importance of stimulating my baby even while he is in the womb. They say read to him, play music...anything that can help with prenatal bonding. Although I am not sure I totally believe it, some articles even say playing music to your child in the womb could raise their IQ! Who am I to deny my child this … [Read more...]

36 Weeks Pregnant: Looking Glam in Nuka Maternity (plus 30% off coupon code)

Nuka Maternity graciously sent me two adorable maternity tops to get me through the last few weeks of my pregnancy. The  Flutter Top in heather black ($68) and the Kayla Top ($35), fit me beautifully and make me feel attractive, even at 36 weeks pregnant. The Flutter Top in Heather Black (pictured to the left) is a soft maternity shirt with … [Read more...]