Removable Wallpaper from Chasing Paper

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I didn't think I was one for wallpaper but with more and more companies offering removable peel & stick wallpaper and so many gorgeous patterns available, it's an appealing decor option! One company I recently heard about is Chasing Paper and I just adore their wallpaper designs. Check out some of these gorgeous options and the ways they … [Read more...]

Make your child a King or Queen of your family tree with Kidlandia; 15% off coupon code


Warning:  I'm going to gush over this product.  The following has to be one of the best gifts I've seen for a child in a long time. Kidlandia makes personalized maps for kids.  I'm not talking about a run of the mill map.  Make a map that outlines a world of fantasy with silly monsters and towns and forests named after your relatives.  The … [Read more...]